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Incompetence and Cluelessness of John Mahama

How Immeasurable are the Incompetence and Cluelessness of John Mahama

I just shake my head in wonder at the cluelessness and incompetence of my fellow Ghanaians within the NDC party, especially, President Mahama. The brazen bravados by the NDC Communication team members to issue authoritative statements intended to cower discerning Ghanaians, defying authorities, transcends conventional wisdom.

One Hajia Alima, like her clueless counterpart Anita de Souzou (Soso), has the effrontery to accuse the NPP's London-based communicator, Obaa Yaa, a succulent damsel, of what she calls "Live in Live out". What an egregious lie, the trademark of the NDC family? What an instance of the pot calling the kettle you are dark. What does Hajia Alima understand by that term and what does she do for a living? Is she not placing serial phone calls to various radio stations on daily basis same as uncle Kwesi Pratt jumps from one radio station to another defending the ridiculous policies of the NDC party and government before earning a living? Or, she gets shacked up by many top brass in the NDC party and government as questioned her by Obaa Yaa?

Let me tackle President Mahama now. He thinks by engaging the services of loud-mouths, paying them hefty monthly allowances to go on air to pour venom on his political rivals is all that it takes to be a smart President. Is it not an act of cluelessness on the part of a President to think that allowing a handful of foul-mouthed party members to deplete the coffers of the nation will help prop his position as the President albeit dubiety? If that was not the case, why has John Mahama spent all the nation's money buying cars for, and paying, people like Hajia Alima, Kwesi Pratt, Steven Atugiba, Kwabena Boahene and a host of other nincompoops just to spew rubbish about his political opponents?

As equally clueless as the agents and assigns of Mahama and the NDC are, they always try hard to intimidate discerning Ghanaians by their words and actions. They think by their threatening posture, Ghanaians will cringe in their presence, kowtow to them and allow them to commit crimes with impunity. This is how far President Mahama has allowed his insatiable quest to stay in power denigrate Ghana, with the nearly proven rigging of election 2012 hanging ominously around his neck.

Is it not purely incompetence on the part of the President to seek to whip up tribal sentiments in attempts to mobilize support for his doomed presidency? To beat the tribal drums to rally people behind him in the hope of sustaining his faltering presidency is just unfortunate. His inability to find temporary, let alone lasting solutions to the innumerable socio-economic problems confronting the nation shows the immensity of his incompetence. How does he go about solving the needlessly incessant power outages ("dumso dumso") facing the nation? How does he combat the wondrous fire outbreaks throughout the country? How does he cover his tracks without ever being detected when he connives with his kinsmen to swindle Ghana through say, "nkonfem-like" projects?

It is not clever to collusively arrange with certain individuals and companies to dupe Ghana out of her limited precious money through judgment debt payments. Is it, Mr Mahama? What is the sense in casting wider the tax net, augmenting the tax rate if the revenue raised will go to paying the unproductive NDC propaganda communicators? What a clear situation of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

I shall come back to treat this topic in detail if President Mahama fails to implement sound fiscal, socio-economic policies to remove the poverty shackles from the feet, neck and hands of Mother Ghana. Until he removes the human bottlenecks he relies on to restrain the socio-economic progress of Ghana for his own selfish gains, I will never cease cracking the whip on his back.

President "Ede bii Keke" is in trouble at the hands of discerning Ghanaians as long as he continues to misapply the nation's money.

I dedicate this article to all NDC members wise enough to liberate themselves from the insensitivities to the concerns and aspirations of the majority of Ghanaians as it is the character and nature of their NDC party.

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson