Is Ablakwa the only intelligent politician who sees the doom Ghana is heading to?

Ndc Okudjeto2 MP for South Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa

Mon, 12 Jul 2021 Source: Joel Savage

The majority of Ghanaian politicians are only interested in what comes into their pockets and how they will survive with their families, therefore, greed and corruption have completely taken control over their lives.

However, there are a few others that have taken the plight of the people and the well-being of the nation, into consideration and will do whatever it takes to address the issues.

The Member of Parliament for South Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, is one of them. From time to time, Sam Ablakwa has spoken out about many political issues affecting the country and its long-term consequences.

Recently, to review the background and analyze the work of ministers serving the country, a vetting committee was set up with the taxpayer’s money in parliament, to undertake that task. People were shocked over how some ministers struggled to define or explain their own duties.

I was more disappointed and buried with shame when the vetting committee passed everyone, including one Hawa Koomson, who couldn't even explain her own duties. I asked myself why that committee was set up in the first place?

As disappointed as I am, the Member of Parliament for South Tongu, Ablakwa, also realized the mistake and embarrassment the vetting committee has caused to the nation, leading to his resignation from the 'Appointments Committee.'

Ghana is under a heavy debt which those responsible will die and leave the burden to the next generation to carry; therefore, politicians must use our resources wisely and refrain from incurring more debt on the country. Unfortunately, this is not what is happening in Ghana.

Hospitals in the country lack many health facilities, including beds, many parts of the country are experiencing constant darkness, since there is no electricity, while the unemployment rate has increased sharply, yet it’s not a matter of concern to the NPP government.

Despite the problems the common Ghanaians are facing, President Nana Akufo Addo, chartered a luxurious flight to France and South Africa, which cost the country £345,000.

The same Ablakwa pointed out to the president about the severe hardships he is driving the nation into despite the huge debt the country faces.

Sam Ablakwa is right, as a developing nation, struggling with an ailing economy and unemployment crisis, the president must seriously take the crisis Ghana is facing into consideration but he ignored it.

To the surprise of many Ghanaians, Ablakwa was attacked by many people, including Kennedy Agyapong, for criticizing the president.

This is a shred of typical evidence that many Ghanaian politicians actually don’t care about the welfare of the suffering masses.

In one of the videos I listened to recently, according to Ken Agyapong, his children are schooling in the United States of America.

If his children wake up each morning in Ghana, like the common Ghanaians, thinking of where to get money to join the public transport to school and what to eat, he will understand Ablakwa.

Just last week, the Member of Parliament for South Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, once again appeared in the news.

This time, calling on his fellow Members of Parliament to oppose the practice where the government is to give out loans for MPs to purchase vehicles.

Has Ghana run short of intelligent politicians? Why is it only a few, including Ablakwa that see that Ghana is not on the right track?

Where are the people that demonstrated against John Mahama with insults even though Akufo Addo has done the worst?

Why are many Ghanaian politicians so selfish without any remorse, compassion, and integrity? Are they not the common people that cast their votes for them?

After the NPP government piled up all kinds of taxes on the heads of Ghanaians and increased the price of fuel, many drivers are finding it difficult to make ends meet, while traders are struggling over high fares.

As if Akufo Addo doesn't know what is going on in the country, he has ignored all these problems and wants to give out loans to Members of Parliament to purchase cars.

I have said before that I don't know the kind of God that Nana Akufo Addo worships because I see him as a different person far from God. Any good Christian wouldn't do what he does.

The life-long vehicle used by the former Uruguay president, Jose Mujica, to revamp the country’s economy was an old Beetle VW car. This is what a serious president that cares about his country and the people does.

Come to Europe and see how many hard-working ministers ride bicycles to work. Yet you lazy cocoons want luxurious cars without achieving anything significant for the people.

Columnist: Joel Savage