Is the NPP a victim of being transparent?

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Thu, 15 Jul 2021 Source: Osei Tutu

The only conclusion I can draw from the hubbub that has arisen out of the proposed salaries for the spouses of the president and the vice president is that, this NPP administration is a victim of its own effort to be transparent.

From all indications, the regular allowance paid to the spouses of the president and vice president is not new in this fourth republic. The first and second ladies of the past and present administrations have benefited immensely from this allowance and it has helped them in the performance of their duties.

This NPP administration could have continued the status quo. It could have even pegged the allowance to the level of a cabinet minister as proposed and still called it allowance and it wouldn't have been an issue on the table at all.

But here we are, due to this administration's effort to be transparent, it has brought it up and getting crucified for it. Interestingly, the people who have benefited from this state largesse are the very people who have latched on it to cause mischief for political gains.

While the opposition NDC is pummelling the NPP for being insensitive, it is not too willing to put out how much allowance its previous administration advanced to the first and second ladies for comparison. And that is where I have problem with the NDC's brand of accountability.

Maybe it's time NPP takes a cue from NDC and be aware that, it is not everything that is good for public consumption and spare all of us these needless brouhahas.

Columnist: Osei Tutu
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