Opinions Sun, 9 Sep 2012

Is the Sky the limit for General Mosquito Idiocy?

Is the Sky the limit for Johnson Asiedu Nketiah's (General Mosquito) Idiocy?

Our ancestors were right when they said, "ahwene pa nkasa". Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is not only ugly but also, foul-mouthed. His nickname, "General Mosquito" is the very resemblance of his stature. As beauty is only skin deep but ugliness cuts across the bones, so is how ugly-looking Asiedu Nketiah's persona and physique are.

This chancer has never made any sense to me in his bombastic statements. He is always sarcastic, supports and defends the NDC evilness. He says the masqueraded Special Forces seen at Ghana's recent Independence anniversary march past were purposely created to deal with the NPP, should they seek the practical application of their "All die be die" mantra. Now with the exposure of the NDC cruelty via Yaw Boateng Gyan's leaked tape, we know how and who created the Special Forces.

This same Asiedu Nketiah, an opportunist who is amassing illegal wealth at an unprecedented crescendo, once alleged to have chased out the barking dog from the NDC. He was indirectly referring to former President J.J. Rawlings. Was he not the person who once teased the NPP in December 2007 saying, "seventeen thieves had met to choose the chief thief?" This was when the NPP at their Congress elected Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo as their flag bearer to lead them into election 2008, out of seventeen contestants.

Johnson Asiedu Nketiah has again come out trying to defend the indefensible. One Yaw Boateng Gyan, his fellow NDC member has committed a misdemeanour. Yaw, the NDC National Organiser, had secretly met some NDC hoodlums (who now are revealed to form the bulk of the Special Forces), tasked them to cause mayhem in Ghana come December 7, 2012 elections. Unfortunately, for him, but luckily for the majority of the good people of Ghana, someone in the meeting stitched him up. The person, whoever he was, secretly recorded him. The person has leaked the recording to the public. Yaw is now perspiring and had hoped he never arranged that meeting, I should think.

Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, a warped mind, has again come out claiming the NPP have doctored the message on the tape. NPP. Even though Yaw Boateng Gyan has confessed the voice on the tape is his, he agrees with Asiedu Nketiah that some of the pronouncements are not from him. "Adabraka", for what do these two persons with their bunch of ignorant NDC faithful take Ghanaians? Do they take us for imbeciles who do not support their heads with pillows when we sleep?

My wife laughed and said to me, "Yaw Boateng Gyan se fufu no deE 3no na odiye na nkwan no deE Enye 3nno na 3nnom ye" (Yaw Boateng Gyan says he ate the fufu but he was not the one that drank the soup). To those unfamiliar with "fufu", it is a Ghanaian recipe prepared from a mixture of pounded plantain, cocoyam, cassava and yam and eaten with soup. What a bastardizing declaration by Yaw Boateng Gyan and Asiedu Nketiah. How could the voice be yours but not the words or the statements thereby contained? If you accept the voice as yours, so are the words or the statements registered in the same voice. These two idiots should please grow up and stop thinking all Ghanaians are as foolish as they are with their hoodlums.

Is this not my reason for saying the Sky seems to be the limit for Asiedu Nketiah's idiocy?

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson