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It Has Not Been Easy To Be A Columnist

-Part 1

Western Democracy was built on slavery, therefore thousands of men, women and children are always hungry on the VERY STREETS OF THESE DEMOCRACIES which BURY FOOD while the WORLD’S POOR DIE OF STARUATION. Majority of Ghanaians are illiterates and they always LOOK UP TO THE LITERATE FEW for good leadership and direction.

We must avoid personal destruction and distortions in the politics of this country, but what do we see today 2013. The Minority NPP wants to turn Ghana into one of the most violent countries outside a Warzone because they believe that politics is a battle where political opponents are regarded as ENEMIES that must be killed in line with the bloody tradition of the Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today 2013. If the Youth are to make any informed decisions on party affiliation and vote casting, they must be told the plain truth about the two Revolutions in Ghana. Notably the June 4 and 31st December Revolutions. These two Revolutions which were led by the same man Chairman J.J. Rawlings. You see, tribal feelings arouse when the VAST MAJORITY of heads of public corporations and institutions BELONG TO ONE ETHNIC GROUP. The NPP kicked against this negative and unproductive attitude of past governments and fierily attacked the erstwhile PNDC government and it turned out that the allegations were completely false. However, when the NPP led by Kufour won power and took over from president Rawlings in January 2001, he regarded a whole Region as not part of Ghana by refusing to appoint a single Commanding Officer to head the Police or Military, not even a deputy Minister was appointed from that Region let alone, a board member of State public institutions for the 8 years that President Kufour ruled Ghana – That Region was the Volta Region – but the Asante (Akyem NPP leaders were stupid enough to anchor their hope of victory in Election 2008 on the support they expected from the Volta Region which their government neglected completely for 8 years. If the NPP leadership and Ex-Prez. Kufour were hopeless, stupid and blind, the Voltarians are patriotic nationalistic minded, disciplined, honest impartial, God fearing and United, they don’t behave like the human beasts leading the Asante/Akyem NPP where Extreme greed, tribalism, cronyism, fraud, lies, deceit, embezzlement, violence threats and intimidations are their stock in trade. It is a shame onto this Asante/Akyem NPP.

The 1992 constitution clearly states that there should be Regional Distribution of Top Jobs in the country but the NPP under J.A. Kufour from 2001-2008 flouted the law with impunity by not appointing any public official from the Volta Region, and yet he was expecting the Voltarians to vote massively for them – well, if NPP members are FOOLS, the Voltarians are not FOOLS. In the Upper West Region, we did not give the NPP a single seat in Parliament since Ex-Prez. Kufour told Ghanaians that he could not find any material there-infact when you put a uniform on a goat, it will behave strangely because Ex-Prez. Kufour never dreamt of ever becoming the President of Ghana, so when he became President by default in 2001- he behaved as if he had overthrown Jerry Rawlings in a military coup de’tat after he was sworn in on Jan. 7th 2001-2008, he attempted to assassinate Rawlings several times and when that failed, he nearly jailed his wife- Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, but he was compelled to stop the court case when the NDC won the 2008 elections. Kufour is a tall liar and a coward. These are the main reasons why I took on the Rawlingses when they gave audience to that shortman- Nana Akuffo Addo the tribal warlord on war path who was planning to put J.J. Rawlings on trial if he had won the 2008 elections in order to complete what Kufour started in Jan. 2001 but God intervened and pushed the NPP aside. For 8 solid years, nobody raised the issue of the Volta Region which was not part of Ghana under Kufour.


As a prolific writer, now a columnist, I do not fear insults at all once my articles are laced with FACTS ever since I started writing during the erstwhile PNDC era in 1984 and again in 1992 when I took on the Reactionary Forces from the Asante/Akyem drug barons parading as politicians. Instead of seeing me as their political opponent, they regard me as their enemy and their innocent supporters both stark illiterates semi-literates and educated illiterates who knows next to nothing always poured and still poure insults on me, but I raise my head high and walk tall with an open mind and, open chest since 1984, the PNDC era up to date because Truth is an indispensable quality of life but in Ghana if you always insists on the truth, you will always go hungry but majority of the people would always give you a STANDING OVATION wherever you go. The most dangerous people are the enemies within the NDC starting from some illiterate constituency executives through some extreme greedy, wicked and arrogant MMDCE’s and some foul mouthed appointees who suddenly emerged during President J.E.A. Mills administration but thank God, these characters have almost been cleared away and more are to follow because they were running their administration and the NDC party like their fathers cocoa-farm and I am very happy that majority of the so-called NDC members who pretended to be true NDC party members and their government appointees under Mills have messed up themselves and are on their way out of the system because they were found not only as incompetent but they were woodworms deeply destroying the Presidential seat they could not unit the party and people. Enemies are not God.

I am encouraging all columnists to always publish the facts and God will richly bless you and you will all get admirers world wide instead of Enemies. I shall return when the need arise. “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua!


Clement Sargaparee

Municipal Organiser

United Cadres Front



All Media Houses


e-mail: clementsang@yahoo.com
Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement