It is great to worship God but God does not mysteriously build factories

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Sun, 17 Jul 2022 Source: Joel Savage

People who believe in God have the trust that things will be good for them, including their health and a variety of other things, as long as they have faith in God, which is what religion is. However, it seems many are worshipping God in the wrong way.

There are many disparaging remarks made about Africans that are unpleasant to read since they imply that black people or Africans are illiterate. People often make fun of Africans by saying, for instance, that "they can afford to let a factory collapse, then turn it to a church to pray for work."

Although it seems absurd, situations like that occur throughout Africa due to a misunderstanding of what praising God entails. The Holy Bible promises that God would protect and keep His people in peace, but it hasn't been written that He will erect our schools, hospitals, and other facilities.

The Bible says that all of our needs will be met, so we don't need to worry about tomorrow, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to earn our daily bread or to be comfortable.

The Bible makes numerous references to working hard and joyfully while honoring God in your place of employment. Always act as if God were your employer rather than anyone else.

However, God looks down upon laziness and He demonstrates that with hard labor you can achieve many things. The Bible and reality both teach us that hard work will always produce some form of profit. When you are doing God's will, He will support you and give you daily strength.

Many people desire wealth but do not desire to work hard for it. Today's world is based entirely on lies and deceptions. Politicians constantly tell us that everything will be alright tomorrow, but we have been waiting for this future for a very long time.

As long as you think that other people are responsible for your happiness, Oscar Wilde once stated, "You will always be miserable." Everyone is told by this phrase that we don't need other people to make us happy. That also implies that you can rely on God through your faith, but that you must find employment for yourself.

Columnist: Joel Savage