'It's a privilege to be married, not a right'– Duncan-Williams

Thu, 2 Jan 2020 Source: Class FM

Marriage is a privilege, not a right, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has said.

The founder of Christian Action Faith Ministries told his congregation on New Year’s Eve during the Kairos Night of Action Chapel International that both men and women should feel privileged when they get married.

“I tell people all the time; I say to men and I say to women that marriage is not a right, it’s a privilege".

“So, if you’re married to a man, it’s a privilege; and men, if you’re married to a woman, it’s a privilege”, he noted.

“I said to Rosa [his wife] the other day: ‘Girl, thank you for marrying me’.

“We were just lying in bed talking and I said: ‘Thank you for marrying this crazy guy’”, Archbishop Duncan-Williams noted, adding: “You know, our kind are from the ghettos of Africa. I live in a jungle, she comes from North America, and I’m wired differently and she is differently wired – very correct. And I am ‘basaa’ by the grace of God,” the man of God added.

Source: Class FM
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