The silence of a 'dead goat'

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Sun, 9 Feb 2020 Source: Sah Collins

H.E. John Mahama Dramani, a former President of Ghana who has passed through every stage of our political power and still hasn't had enough, is one of the most fortunate persons ever to have lived in Ghana.

Before he was shamefully voted against to suffer one of the worst defeats in our political discourse in our country, he was tagged incompetent and corrupt. but the NDC said it was a lie. Most of the deals and contracts he signed or were signed on his behalf were simply over-prized with impunity.

There has been a bribery allegation going round in the printed news tabloids and social media about an alleged scandal involving Airbus and Go1 and certain unknown individuals during the NDC era in which Mr Mahama has allegedly been fingered and insinuated as being the GO1.

It was not long ago that the president initiated a laudable program dubbed the year of return. This brought lots of people from African origin in the diaspora to the country. Lots of people hailed Ghana for this initiative and our name went into the good books internationally. Whiles Nana Addo is constructing, Go1 is putting asunder

What amazes me is his deafening loud silence on this matter knowing who he is and the entire iniquitous fraternity called the NDC. These are the people when even a pinfall on the ground, they quickly gather the press and have their say. These are the people who have organized too many superfluous pressers.

The big question is why the silence from arguably the most corrupt individual in the country called Ghana?

His silence is continuously bringing shame, humiliation, and embarrassment to our dear country Ghana. Our nation is being ridiculed on the international stage by his silence and posture.

I am by this article calling on him to come and clear the air and remove every shred of doubt amongst the people of Ghana and the international community about the identity of Go1.

I am also by this, commending the Government of Ghana for its maturity in referring the issue to the special prosecutor's outfit to investigate and bring the issue to finality.

Long live Ghana.

By Sah Collins


Member, CTI( middle belt)

Columnist: Sah Collins