Google the thing: All Scripture is God-breathed

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Mon, 10 Feb 2020 Source: Kenneth Nii Sackey

One of the most common answers (usually sarcastic) to almost every enquiry nowadays is “Google adi3 no” to wit –“Google the thing.” Another much more sarcastic response is “Google is not for monkeys.” Imagine being told that when you really need an answer as soon as possible!

No matter how funny (or otherwise) this may sound, it goes to show that our reliance on Google and other search engines for answers is at an all-time high. Our first stop when it comes to looking for anything online is mostly a search engine.

But the scary truth is that not everything we see on search engines are truth. Search engines use key words in search phrases to provide related results. These results are sourced from third party websites and web based applications. The information from these websites and applications are fed into those systems by people. This means that the answers provided by the search engines are as limited as the person/people who fed the information into the system.

That is how some of us are with our Christian lives. We seek solutions from anywhere we think has solutions. We turn the faith into a search engine, looking for the most suitable word that can speak to our situation in a way, and we latch on to it without looking for the source and confirming that it is indeed from God.

1st Thessalonians 5:21 says that we should test all spirits and hold fast to what is good. In the previous verse, the bible tells us not to despise prophecies. So in other words, do not throw away a prophecy because it doesn’t come in a form you are familiar with. But it does not mean that you take every prophecy without first aligning it to the Word of God or, testing it.

In our quest to find God and know Him better, let us not become search engine Christians. Let us know the truths in scripture and apply it to our lives for a far better impact in our lives.

Stay Blessed.

Omanye Sane

Columnist: Kenneth Nii Sackey