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Jesus Christ!! Where Did We Get These Fools?

"Buhari is A Sick, Old Man", - NDC MP

Deputy Minister of Water Resources, Works & Housing, Samson Ahi, has described the frontrunner in the upcoming Nigerian election, General Buhari, as sick, old man" who will lose the March 28 general election.

According to Samson Ahi, who was speaking to students of the Sefwi Wiawso College of Education, "if you look at Nigeria, they also have an old man there who instead of taking care of his grandchildren, is desperate to be President and to unseat the young man. It is the same story we have in Ghana. If you look at Nigeria again, you will see that the Nigerians have rejected that old man several times but he still wants to run and it is the same in Ghana too. If you look in Nigeria the old man wants to do everything to win power and it is the same in Ghana.It is time for citizens of both Nigeria and Ghana to retire permanently "sick, old opposition leaders so as to pave way for the new generation of African leaders."

"AWURADE YEESU", what hole did this primitive amoral idiotic Minister crawl from to deliver such a plethoric and bovarism speech? Is this the right message to deliver to students on this occasion or is that the right platform to deliver such a speech?

First of all, what stake does he as an individual and Ghana as a whole has in the Nigeria election? A speech like this can cause a diplomatic uproar between the two countries and how is Ghana going to deal with 'President Buhari' in case he becomes the President of Nigeria? Do these people exercise their brains before employing them? Does anybody in Ndc get reprimanded for behaving badly? This moronic Bodi Member of Parliament ought to lose his ministerial appointment immediately if President Mahama has any cojones.

Ndc as a Party and Mahama as the President should exert himself as the man wielding the power of the Presidency and in cases like this where a young enthusiastic foaming on the mouth idiot like this Sampson Ahi can cause us some problems, he should sack him immediately to show the people of Nigeria that, that is not how Ghanaians think regarding the elections in Nigeria. We as Ghanaians will accept anybody Nigerians elect as their President, that is the message we should be sending and not this akpeteshie induced speech from a village idiot like Sampson Ahi. Was President Mills an old man when he was elected in 2008? Where is he now? Where did Sampson Ahi get the health records of Buhari and Nana Akuffo Addo to declare them old sick men?

First of all if Ghanaians and Nigerians think there should be a certain age where one cannot run as a President because of age, it should be enshrined in our constitutions. Old age is a blessing and not a curse and Ghanaians have to embrace it as a blessing from God to grow to be old.

Nigerians in 2007 elected what Mahama and Ndc believe to be a young man, a 55 year old Umaru Yar'Dua to be President thinking he was a young vibrant man and rejected a certain old man but guess what happened? President Yar'Dua, the young man died at age 58 in May of 2010 and Buhari is still kicking in 2015.

Ivory Coast has a certain President, Alassane Ouattara who is past 73 years old and has achieved more success than the 'young Presidents' of Ghana and Nigeria, Mahama and Jonathan. Zimbabwe has Mugabe at age 91 that the other African Presidents think has the mental alertness to be the President of Africa Union so what is this blabbermouth Ahi talking about?

When did we Ghanaians start talking about our Elders like this? When did we start disrespecting old age? Old age does not mean you lose your mental faculties to be a contributing member of society and all around the world, we have older men and women who are contributing immensely towards the development of their countries.

Since Ahi seems to believe old age is a curse, I hope he doesn't experience such a curse. Political power has made us to lose our sense of reasoning and such a person like Ahi who is not easy on the eye has the temerity to insult old age.

Justice Sarpong

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice