Opinions Mon, 8 Apr 2013

Job for the boys ?

It is quiet disheartening that Ghana politics has indeed become a citadel for "unfortunate party politicking" where we virtually politicise everything ranging from the prices of dog chains to rusty refrigerators.

I vehemently pose it quiet preposterous when baseless and politically motivated febrile questions of this nature are thrown to the public discourse.

A larger section of Ghanaians have lost focus on the grid and in a quest to satisfy their selfish and parochial interest they willingly succumb to this devilish tactics of politics which has subsequently shoved men with academic credence into a pool of confusion.

The recent ministerial appointment by His excellency John Mahama has faced sharp criticism from both political and economic landscape of which many conclude as job for the boys with regards to the size and composition. Barley few days in office,the composition of the cabinet is branded as bunch of mediocres and the size as "unlimited ocean" which l think is not worthy for any debate .

The question which normally springs to mind when such argumentative bickering explodes is quite certain, is it for fun that the constitutional drafters failed to provide ceiling on the executive arms of government? I think the vision of the president must be made to prevail in circumstances of this nature because he the "man" the constitution grants unchallenged mandate to preside over and direct the affairs of the nation . How on earth could one be so insensitive and incessantly bastardize such a great investment for the future. Unlocking the potentials in the likes Felix Ofosu Kwakye and several others is not unprofitable venture liable to dissipate our economic fortunes as a nation.

Must we rely absolutely on the "old brains" of which most are married and ringed to corruption,cronyism and greed. I believe we would be washing our feet with our socks on if we sidelined the fresh blood in our politics with such unforgiving criticisms. Rhetoric extraditions of this kind do not only heighten my frustrations as a young politician but hinder the very developmental aspirations as a nation with a positive prospect.

We have grown pass this age as a nation, we need to rally behind this honest crusade to nail this untoward canker eating deep into the fabrics our of politics to the cross. We need to throw our unflinching support behind our governance system irrespective of our political affiliations and accord the top brass in our political definition the necessary support to rule. The "death trap situation" we have,marred with low grade journalism makes matters worse. Some of these journalists are simply devoid of journal reputation and being tied to the apron strings of party influence,they only function on directives or instructions thereby bastardising what is meant to be sacred in the context of politics.

The situation takes a major turn for the worse when these "cheap rented media houses" in a deafening quest to satisfy their greed resort to unnecessary hypes of sensitive issues which are quiet precarious to the security apparatus of the nation. These dangerous activities and utterances are not just mere bellicose rhetoric but candid "creed of warmongers" and we must be on guide against them.

I sincerely believe that these unnecessary criticisms must come to a halt because it is hard to accept the that His excellency John Mahama who is a leader of a socially democratic party would over-burden the purse of the nation with job for the boys.

By: Ivan Kyei Innocent

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Columnist: Innocent, Ivan Kyei