Judges in Ghana are imprisoning thieves but dishonest politicians get away with it

Judges Swear Some judges in a group picture

Mon, 1 Aug 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Every Ghanaian, especially the common people who are struggling to survive without any means of support, is curious as to why Ghanaian judges continue to imprison those who steal and commit crimes in society but never make an effort to imprison the corrupt politicians who steal and siphon billions of dollars from Ghana's coffers into private and foreign banks with impunity.

The majority of judges in Ghana are dishonest and often take bribes, but neither of these actions is recognized as crimes nor do they have a negative impact on society. The judge will sentence a person to five years in prison if they steal food after being denied a job because they were asked to pay bribes.

No one is arguing that judges shouldn't punish those who break the law, but the reality is that most of these judges engage in significant crimes while getting away with them as much of the corruption they participate in takes place behind closed doors.

Ghanaian judges continue to trample on the norm of judicial conduct, cheat the system, and inflict harm on the opposition. There is nothing constructive to be learned from the lawless judges in Ghana who continue to misuse their positions of authority.

Nana Akufo Addo, the so-called president of Ghana, selected several judges for the supreme court who continue to issue irrational judgments based on tribalism and abuse of power. In front of these dishonest judges, no case is ever successful. They never consider their activities to be corrupt, but they are eager to put regular citizens who break the law in jail.

Ghana's infrastructure has been severely impacted by widespread corruption. Many politicians, including Eugene Arhin, Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, a judge, and Paul Adom-Otchere, a journalist, have engaged in major corruptible acts in the past, but no one has been brought to justice.

We, therefore, need to question Akufo Addo what he means when he promises to protect the public's funds and when he pledges to employ Anas' ideals to fight corruption in the nation.

As is well known, Akufo Addo has shown himself to be the most corrupt and inept politician in the annals of Ghanaian politics.

Although crime can be decreased, it can never be completely eradicated. Since every appointment made by the president is linked to corruption, all NPP politicians and the judges Akufo Addo appointed are all corrupt. Therefore, crime has increased significantly since the NPP government took office six years ago.

Judges arrest small thieves and sentence armed robbers in any nation where the rule of law is broken and crime has escalated, but many judges are worse criminals than armed robbers themselves.

To change this judicial threat in Ghana, the right course of action is for a new administration to remove all of the corrupt judges who have been appointed to office and replace them with competent justices who can save the nation.

Columnist: Joel Savage