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Just Accept the Fact that Corruption is Rife in Ghana and Corruption is Killing Ghana

Why are we deceiving ourselves as a nation by pretending that there is no corruption in Ghana whilst corruption is indeed our best bedfellow? Our current NDC government led by President John Dramani Mahama is the mastermind, perpetrator and perpetuator of until now unknown magnitude of corruption in Ghana. Under President Mahama's watch, corruption has ramified to an unprecedented level in the country to even send cold chill down the spine of foreign investors who hear about it.

Everywhere one goes, they are greeted and welcomed in by corruption. Corruption has become the basic meal that Ghanaians feed on. Corruption and bribery are the effective weapons President Mahama and his government have wielded against Ghanaians to weaken them morally. If you come to my side, I shall offer you an overflowing bribe that never dries up to quench your thirst for wealth by killing your poverty to make you strong and noble in Ghana, the President and his party seem to be telling Ghanaians. What a shame?

In the face of this corruption which stench has reached the skies, President Mahama and his NDC government and party are strenuously denying the fact that there is an official corruption in Ghana. How does President Mahama understand the word corruption as used and understood by many a Ghanaian?

Corruption by definition is "illegal, bad, or dishonest behaviour, especially by people in positions of power". By this definition, it is not only about the nation's coffers that President Mahama and his party are clearly known to be raiding and ransacking that constitutes corruption but also, awarding all government appointments to his tribesmen, ensuring the practice of selective justice in Ghana, bribing chiefs and his agents and assigns to throw dust into people's eyes, by telling them a goat is a cow, an old banger is a new luxury 4 x 4 car, a hen is a sheep as advised by Baba Jamal, an NDC Deputy Minister and Member of Parliament for Akwatia in the Eastern region. Additionally, side-lining certain regions in the distribution of the national cake for the fact that they do not support him is an abuse of trust and power hence corruption in manifestation.

Until we accept our shortcomings, we cannot find solutions to them. Then again, it is said, "he who does not know, and does not know that he does not know, is a fool" If you are at the bottom rung of a leader and you deceive yourself by saying you are on the top rung of the ladder, then you can't climb any further. This is the very dismal attitude of President Mahama and his NDC government. They believe the accusation of corruption levelled against them is just the figment of NPP's imagination but it is a reality. In the end, who suffers?

It is not President Mahama and his NDC-arranged "loot, create and share" brigade that suffer but the teeming ordinary Ghanaians outside that infamous brigade in which Alfred Agbesi Woyome, that notorious NDC self-styled financer, indeed a swindler, belongs.

President Mahama, that most incompetent and corrupt person who has been denied the wisdom and intelligence of administering a country properly to the benefit of all, for the fact of stealing the kingly crown when he was indeed not the chosen king, will continue to live in denial messing up the country until Ghanaians muster courage to boot him out of the presidency come election 2016.

Until he accepts that he is too corrupt and starts to seek remedial wisdom from those more knowledgeable in the art of governance, whether they have been Presidents of Ghana before or not, President Mahama will continue to wallow in ignorance at the presidency to the detriment of the majority of Ghanaians.

Are Ghanaians not fed up with his clueless style of governance where he believes in satisfying a few those with loud mouths to make them too powerful to suppress the majority of Ghanaians so that he can continue to rule Ghana the way he likes?

The fruits of his corruption are,

The embezzlement of public funds by public officials with impunity

Denying the country needed funds to carry out development projects

Recruiting only misfits into the public services for the fact that they owe allegiance to the NDC party and him

Collapse of industries leading to loss of jobs, redundancies and reduction in tax revenues to the government

Unceasing power outages – Dumsor

Abundance of armed robberies emanating from joblessness to the youth

Unprofessional security forces that knowingly or otherwise are propping the government to destroy the country

NDC-paid radio phone-in serial callers to throw dust into people's eyes through lies

Raiding and ransacking of political opponents' headquarters in the hope of gathering secret strategic information

Most Ghanaians disrespecting their elders because the elders have become corrupt and liars

Elected parliamentarians not representing their constituents but seeking their selfish agenda

The government unable to precise where her development projects are for physical verification and at what cost each project was t executed

Accumulation of unprecedented national debt to the nation and the unborn Ghanaians

I personally do accept that my country Ghana is too corrupt. Subsequently, I suggest that we vote out President Mahama and his NDC party. They are too rotten and entrenched in corruption to be of any further good use to the country. They can never change because corruption has become part and parcel of them.

A new leader with a new party is needed. An incorruptible leader in the person of Nana Akufo Addo of NPP is the man with God's problem-solving magical wand in his hand to deal with the problems faced by Ghanaians. It will only take a farsighted, incorruptible, dynamic, dedicated, wise and intelligent leader to get Ghana out of her current economic and financial mess.

Ghanaians, please do not allow NDC to continue to deceive you for there is truly a destructive official corruption ongoing in Ghana, our beloved country. For how long are we going to bury our heads in the sand like the ostrich, denying the fact that there is corruption in Ghana when indeed corruption is the daily food supplement intake, if not the main meal itself, by all the government officials, their agents and assigns?

Rockson Adofo
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson