Keep Ghana clean and stop blaming the government

Rubbish02 Many places throughout Ghana are very dirty because people throw away waste indiscriminately

Mon, 9 May 2022 Source: Joel Savage

The state of the environment in Ghana, throughout many cities, towns, and villages, is getting worse every day. Worldwide, governments and scientists are trying to improve the situation of pollution in the ecosystem to prevent natural disasters and calamities.

Many places throughout Ghana are very dirty because people throw away waste indiscriminately wherever it is possible for them, even though, as human beings, they should never throw trash on the road or anywhere else other than the trash cans or the dustbins.

However, since the government hasn’t provided dustbins throughout the cities in Ghana, many Ghanaians continue to blame the government and those responsible for environmental cleaning as those responsible for the unhealthy state of Ghana.

Everyone knows that garbage containers promote a clean environment, yet I strongly believe that if the government had provided dustbins throughout the cities, many would have deposited parcels of human waste in them.

I am not saying the Ghanaian government should not provide dustbins throughout the city because the lack of them is responsible for the many dirty environments in Ghana but the truth is, since many houses in Ghana don’t have toilet facilities, this is likely what many unpatriotic Ghanaians will do.

Many Ghanaians continue to blame the government for issues affecting them in society. However, the people are responsible for most of the problems, whose solutions have proved to be a daunting task. Ghanaians can’t continue to blame the government all the time for their errors. Sometimes, attitude change can bring sanity and healthy environments.

People shouldn’t abuse the system in Ghana for others to blame political parties and leaders for their errors. For example, many throw their waste in the gutters, which often blocks drainage pipes, and when the rain falls, the whole environment gets flooded.

I will encourage the Ghanaian government and the authorities in charge of healthy environments throughout Ghana, to provide the necessary facilities capable of ensuring clean environments because a healthy environment creates good health and also promotes the tourism industry.

Columnist: Joel Savage