Opinions Thu, 26 Apr 2012

Ken Must Resign!




The Tertiary Education Students' Charter of Convention People's

Party (TESCHART), University of Ghana-Legon branch has followed keenly with

much interest happenings in the country and would like to register its

displeasure. Since the beginning of the voter’s biometric registration,

Ghanaians have been plunged into unnecessary and reckless tension by the so

called opportunistic two leading political parties in the country (NDC and

NPP). Why should we as a country be facing these tensions after going through

five successive general elections? Today it is the NPP accusing the NDC of

registering minors in their perceived strongholds; tomorrow it is the NDC

accusing the NPP of the same act creating needless tensions and anxiety among


Ghanaians. The question we are asking is that are they the only political

parties in the country? And why is the media giving so much attention to such

nation-wrecking calls from the NDC and the NPP, and paying no attention to the

non-violence calls from political parties like the Convention People's Party?

It is shameful, unpatriotic, dishonoring, dangerous, and most of all

evil, taking into cognizance, wicked and Iscariot statements from Hon. Kennedy

Agyapong. We condemn hippopotamously, this genocidal call for Ashantes to beat Ewe's

and Ga's. It is our unmistaken

view that all the sections of society calling on the immediate resignation of the

Assin North Law maker cannot be wrong; indeed, if this nation-wrecking legislator

continues to represent us in parliament, we would only be indicting ourselves as

a people. We join all well meaning Ghanaians and civil society

organisations in condemning the unghanaian statements and the subsequent

promotion of hate for other tribes in our country. Teschart and the Convention

Peoples Party will strive to make fortified its believe in a United Ghana with

a common destiny. It is in this light that we equally condemn such reckless and

uncivilised statements made by other personalities within the NDC.

Ghana, under the CPP government, had seen a total national cohesion

which led to inter-marriages amongst ethnic groups across the country. This has

set the foundations of Nationalism which encourages citizens to hold in high

esteem the heritage won for us through the toil and blood of our fore fathers.

It is an established fact that there are some challenges bedeviling the

biometric registration. The onus lies on us as a country to look for how we can

overcome these problems and move towards a positive general election in December.

Most importantly, the electoral commission must strive to live up to the

expectation of Ghanaians and the world at large and ignore detractors like the

NDC and the NPP. CPP will remain firm in supporting the Electoral Commission to

eliminate fraud at all cost in the on-going registration exercise.

Teschart calls on the Ghana Police Service to bring to order, those who think

they can own everybody in this country within a week or less by causing fear

and unnecessary panic during this material times of our political

dispensation. We are asking the President, Prof. Mills to stop this azonto

style of leadership and act decisively as the chief executive of this country.

And finally to all Ghanaian voters, we are reminded in the lyrics of

the reggae legend

Bob Marley, "there is a natural mystic flowing through the air,

if you listen carefully now you will hear"… NDC and NPP are dividing this

country, and it is flowing through the air, if you listen carefully you will

hear through their counter accusations. We can only restore this country

for accelerated development by voting out the NDC and NPP and bringing back the





Columnist: Semey, Richard Cecil