Opinions Wed, 18 Apr 2012

Kennedy Agyapong: The African Black Mamba

By: Stephen A. Quaye.

One of the Ghanaian music legends once composed a song which had the lyrics,” se nea obebowo enbaa ye wose obia ntemewo” to wit, if the champion has come you claim yourself to be the champion.

All along these days several calls have been made to certain authorities complaining about the way certain NDC party activists including ministers sits on media networks and pours out insults on anybody any how.

Concerns were much raised about this unaccepted attitudes put out by politicians because of the weight they carried in terms of sparking political violence and the need to curtail it.

No body seemed to bother about the wrong political acts which were going on. Then the other political activists from the NPP decided to fire back at those insulting their leaders and other personalities using bad language also condemned anyway.

Because the NDC was not restrained from using bad language the NPP could not also be restrained from using bad language so it became a cross fire stuff leaving everybody watching helplessly waiting for the unexpected to happen.

Now the unexpected is almost happening everyday where statements and counter statements from the two main political party’s activists have been causing chaos disturbing the countries peace.

Just look back and see how some NDC activist used harsh words on the opposition leaders on both TVs and in the print media and no one said anything about it. Felix Kwakye Ofosu can sit on television programmes and make so many unsubstantiated allegations and go scot free. Lawyer David Anan and the rest can be on radio discussion programmes and just disrupts the nice proceedings whiles he frequently interject in other peoples statements with expensive jokes and bad statements and he will go scot free. This became a common practice therefore every politician forgot about the law of treason and decided to make unguided statements which are causing violent smoke in Police Headquarters and BNI.

But they should know that Kennedy Agyapong is like the African Black Mamba snake which has the most dangerous poison that can even kill the elephant within some few minutes. Among the snake kingdom the Black Mamba is the only snake which can bite an elephant which has a hard thick skin and with a few seconds the venom gets into the blood stream and blasts the heart off killing it instantly. Believe it or not, just a statement on a radio station spread so fast that within few hours the country came to a stand still with the security put on national alert? That was the African Mamba, Kennedy Agyapong.

You saw how swift the security forces especially the police rushed to get him and put him in BNI cell because of the fear that his statement may create more chaos than what we all saw? That was what the Black Mamba did.

That should tell all of us that no matter how sharp we find our tongues in insulting others, there are thousands of other people out there whose tongues are sharper than ours therefore need to be careful not to bring trouble over our heads.

Ghana is a country surrounded by three solid French speaking countries. Ivory Coast is still struggling to maintain total peace after the Gbagbo troubles in that country.

Burkina Faso already has its own troubles to deal with and already that country has been posing a lot of problems to Ghana because the dam it constructed on the Volta River often causes floods in the north. Togo is still trailing behind us and therefore learning from us how to ensure democracy thrives in all selections of presidents and parliamentarians therefore we need not to cause trouble in our own land to disappoint these countries.

After all when there were troubles in Ivory Coast where did the Ivorian refugees settled? When there were election troubles in Togo where did the Togolese run to for settlement? Are you sure when there is trouble in Ghana our people can run to these countries already struggling to reshape their economy?

Ghanaians need to be very careful about their utterances on platforms and in ordinary public places because words can cause chaos more than anything one can think of. As for Kennedy Agyapong, everyone knows that he is the African Mamba who spits venom and it swims fast to blast the heart of the elephant and kills it instantly. All that other tongue lashing spokespersons of the NDC party have to do is to ensure they refrain from making certain utterances that will make the black mamba also to bite and cause chaos.

At the same time, other NPP tongue lashing campaign spokespersons have to be careful about what they say on air and in print in order not to start a violent act which may take long to bring it to an end.

Other than that, Kennedy Agyapong, will always be the African Black Mamba to bite and spit its venom to cause chaos. End.
Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.