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Kennedy Agyapong: The only hope for Ghanaian youth




He is Hope of this generation in these times when Our nation seem to be travelling through darkness and turmoil in the political scene as citizens are made to see no light at the end of the tunnel for the future.

Our generation need to grow beyond the current political control. Our generation need a torch bearer with the heart of a lion and yet the mind that seeks equity in the political jungle we find ourselves in this country Ghana.

Our land cries for a savior. Our generation cries for the change of leadership mindset. Kennedy Agyapong is a great leader, even as human with his shortfalls, his honesty gives him the space on the ladder to stand and shine so tall.

He has single handedly handled lives and situations which has paved way for citizens of our nation to breath. From supporting the sensitive sectors of our public in those lives he chose to save in Korle Bu .

His ideology and philosophy of life is unique as his voice is so piercing like the roar of a lion. He feeds a lot of homes and humanity knows his philanthropy.

He is the brain for this generation.

A brain that seeks to apply ultra intelligence to dish out the filth and foul play from those expose's. He pose as a threat to tyranny and yet he is the bold Fisher and supplier of logistics for the major support to put his party into power.

He has countless number of establishments that supply the citizens with job opportunities and his intelligence in innovation Is deepened in his business deals and ideas which keeps flourishing in the full glare of our people.

He is a great orator and a thoughtful human. Our generation needs a leader with the heart and soft spot for the streets and the poor and no one comes closer to Kennedy Ohene Agyapong in this endeavour as a leader who is caring and always ready to deliver .

Our nation bleeds for a torch bearer. And from the deep voices of the greater hearer, Kennedy Agyapong is the generational lifestyle changer.

He is a great leader. He has his shortfalls. But, he is always on the other part of the chess board to seek for equity for the political pawns .

He is a great family oriented man and such is the quality of the leader we need for this generation. Let's all support and push for a light for our future .

He is the man with the vision that will save the country from hunger as he choses to build the biggest cold store in Africa.

He is the brain power that needs the people's power. Kennedy is the choice of the youth and the light of this generation.
Columnist: Kwaku Kristo
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