Kissi Agyebeng, if God can’t change corrupt Ghanaian politicians, what can you do?

Kissi Agyebeng Before Apponts Committee667 Kissi Agyebeng before the Appointment Committee of Parliament

Fri, 23 Jul 2021 Source: Joel Savage

The nominee for the post as Special Prosecutor, after Martin Amidu, has openly declared before the Appointment Committee of Parliament that “I am not naive to assume that I’m coming to stop corruption in Ghana. God himself cannot acclaim that.”

This short statement made by the 43-year-old lawyer, Kissi Agyebeng, has a broader meaning than one can imagine.

Here is lawyer Agyebeng, telling the Appointment Committee of Parliament and Ghanaians that not even it’s possible for God to stop corruption in Ghana. What is the significance of this statement?

This shows how widely Ghana has been a corrupted diseased country that nothing at all could save it. Thus; he wouldn’t like to become a disgrace in the eyes of Ghanaians to accept that challenge of subduing or reducing corruption in the country.

Kissi Agyebeng knows how difficult to declare war on corruption in Ghana. He has witnessed the challenges, hindrances, insults, and oppression, from those the former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, had tried to investigate.

Many Ghanaians, including writers who actually don’t understand what was going on attacked and accused Martin Amidu as corrupt and inefficient, since for a very long time after the appointment, he failed to prosecute anyone, while corruption increases daily in all sectors in Ghana.

It was when the former Special Prosecutor who couldn’t take it any longer over the manipulations, hindrances, and oppositions from the office of the President, disallowing him to do his job the way it should be, revealed the clear picture of the psychological torture he was going through.

The same President Nana Akufo Addo who appointed Martin Amidu, prevented him to expose any corrupt politician because the president thinks it may affect his office.

Now after the resignation of Martin Amidu, the government needs to appoint a new Special Prosecutor, hence; Kissi Agyebeng.

Kissi Agyebeng has said the truth to the Appointment Committee of Parliament, "God himself cannot acclaim to that,” because both the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran, haven’t been able to change the heart of corrupt politicians in the country.

As a matter of fact, this is not a curse but the truth is corrupt Ghanaian politicians can’t change till the end of their lives.

Even though Kissi Agyebeng has suggested methods he will apply to fight corruption in the country, in my opinion, he can’t do it. He will fail.

If God's words can't change the heart of corrupt Ghanaian politicians, what power has Kissi Agyebeng to fight corruption in Ghana? According to him, he will resign if the situation becomes unbearable.

This is not the kind of Special Prosecutor Ghana wants, therefore, I am sorry; this man doesn't deserve to be a Special Prosecutor, even if he is qualified.

Columnist: Joel Savage