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Know Why the Economy of Ghana is in Tatters
Opinions Fri, 7 Feb 2014

Know Why the Economy of Ghana is in Tatters

? The economy of Ghana is currently in near-irreparable tatters for two major reasons. Firstly, the economy is being managed by economically blunted leaders that are without any technical, managerial and innovative knowhow. From empirical observations, one could well establish that the economy under the clueless leaders is being run on tentative policies – rearing of guinea fowl ("nkonfem"), planting of trees in the Northern Savannah zone at the peak of the dry season and duplicating ministries and appointments of "the government boys" to do same unproductive job. ? Secondly, the economy is screeching on the wheels of PROPAGANDA. No serious country with the vision to better the living conditions of her citizens will let herself run on propaganda. Before proceeding any further, let me define the word "propaganda" ? Propaganda is defined as, " the organized dissemination of information, allegations, etc., to assist or damage the cause of a government, movement, etc." or "information, ideas, or rumours deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc." ? Every Ghanaian is very much aware that the ruling NDC party and government has an officially nationally appointed Propaganda Secretary. Going by the definition just quoted from the dictionary, one can just wonder what the duties of the said Propaganda Secretary and his outfit are. All the known and unknown NDC radio phone-in serial callers do surely belong to this propaganda outfit. ? By their fruits, the bible says ye shall know them. By the actions of heaping insults on their NPP rivals, throwing dust that is being churned out of their propaganda machine into the eyes of Ghanaians, one can just tell the usefulness or uselessness of propaganda in relation to Ghana economy. ? The fruits of propaganda as could be gathered from the NDC storeroom, among others are, distraction, insults, defamation of character, underrating of intelligence, taxation of opponent’s patience, taking fellow countrymen not in the same camp as them for fools, blatant lies and perpetration of unrestrained corruption. ? By propaganda, castles are built but in the air. For example, the NDC government through her propaganda machine tells Ghanaians about having constructed thousands of new schools, repaired old school buildings, removed schools from under trees, constructed Western and Eastern corridor roads, and many more. However, all the said projects cannot be pointed to. They cannot be located for verification. Nonetheless, the government pays people to come out with all these fabrications. ? By propaganda, the nation’s money is being distributed among a few NDC cronies. Will this be able to spur economic development of Ghana that will guarantee better living standards for Ghanaians? Be the judge yourself to pronounce the answer as to whether it is YES or NO. ? This is a brief explanation of how dangerous it is to resort to propaganda to building a nation and her economy. ? Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson