Opinions Wed, 24 Nov 2010

Knowing The Difference-National And Political Interest

Issues rising in Ghana every now and then are

critical issues which are either of political or national interest and

Ghanaians always love to express their opinions on such many issues. Most Ghanaians

though love to express their

opinions do not really know the real difference between which issue being a

national matter for the national interest and those which are of political

interest. Because of this difference, there is always abnormal politics

existing within the political environment, among institutions and also among

the individuals.

National interest is a country's

goals and ambitions, these goals and ambitions are in the form of military,

economic, social and military and among others. The national interest of a

state is multi-faceted. First and fore most if the survival and the security of

the state from any external and internal aggression, that is protecting of the

individual as well as the state from any attack that will breach the security

of the country. This security maintaining can be in the form of providing food

for the citizen this is because the only for security of a country can be

breached is by attacking food security in a country and all other factors that

lead to the production of food within the country.

Secondly another national interest is the pursuit of

wealth and economic growth and power. National wealth is not pursued for the

development of any political party or is it pursued because of section of the

country, but national wealth is pursued for the development of the country and

to ensure that there is equitable distribution of resources or the national

cake. The national cake distribution does not mean that every Ghanaian should

get physical cash in his or her pocket but it is distributed into various

sectors in the country so that the economy of the country will be stable for

each and very citizen to feel how the way things are going in the country. Many

states, especially in modern times, regard the preservation of the nation's

culture and ideologies as national interest and consider it very important.

Meanwhile political interest is associated with the

interest of groups of people - political parties and politicians, these people

sees thing differently from that of the national perspective and because of

that they seek their interest when ever an issue is on board. There is a great

difference between issues that are supposed to be called national issues and

political issues, Ghanaians are not getting this concept and always end up

associating national interest with political interest and fighting for

political benefit. Most people that involve in this is the various leader who

are affiliated to political parties and also the youth so the country and their

involvement makes politics to become abnormal.


interest is as good as national interest and must be observed with attention

because attending to one in isolation of others will not help the overall

development of the country. National interest can be developed through

patriotism and by ensuring that we are not confused in terms of issues of

national interest and the political interest that is the same way political

interest can also be developed along its own way of by making

politics more interesting; making politics easier to understand and more

accessible; making politicians more responsive to the needs and concerns

of young people an also the country; finding new opportunities and routes

for young people to enter the political process. Political interest ids

right but the national interest must be given a greater respect by all

Ghanaians so that they will stop taking national matters as political matters.

Lamptey Alfred


Columnist: Lamptey, Alfred