Komla Adom writes: Another day in court; the Kasoa murder teenage suspects & the trial

Kasoa Killing 2.png Armed policemen escorted the suspects to court

Fri, 16 Jul 2021 Source: 3news.com

I almost forgot hearing of the matter of the two teens in the murder of 11-year old Ishmael Abdallah was today, Thursday, July 15, 2021.

It’s been one whole month since the last sitting and I think I remember the judge Eric Oheneba Antwi-Boasiako very well when he told the prosecutor,

“one month is long enough to get the Bill of Indictment from the Attorney General’s office on this matter. I have also given this long so that you do a thorough job because this is dragging a bit.”

In fact, the prosecutor, Chief Inspector Ernest Agbo told the Ofaakor District Court, they would ensure at the next adjourned date, the Court’s orders would have been carried through.

I must say since this matter began, the Court has been giving two-week adjournments, until this one.

But after 30 days, we are back in Court. Usually, hearing starts quite early, even though the juvenile (Felix Nyarko, 16) and the accused Nicholas Kini (19) are brought to Court from Accra; after being picked up from the juvenile cells and the regular cell.

Two teens appear in court

A few cases had been heard, Thursday. Some having to do with rent issues, encroachment, and even spousal; you should see how the judge conducts proceedings.

My friends would call it drama, but you could be hauled here for contempt.

But it’s the first time I have seen the presiding judge “yell” at some of those who appeared before him.

Especially when parties to a case begin to speak without being asked to. You should see it for yourself.

In my mind, I pondered if I could stand before him for even a minute, and not crumble or sink into the ground.

What was left of his face beyond the sea blue face mask he wore, were two intimidating eyes, and a wriggly wig.

Its just a little past 10.38 AM; the two teens arrive.

I have seen them often enough to know if there was a change.

It could also be that my eyes are failing, but Felix Nyarko (16) though had unkempt hair, looked a bit cheerful.

I have seen him wear this sea blue crumpled shirt, with purple collar a number of times, but this time there was something fine about him.

His black jeans had yellow patches and they were ripped too.

Nicholas Kini who would later tell the judge he was comfortable speaking Ewe, looked like he had gained a few kilos.

His skin appeared glowy and his spotless white Tee over a pair of tight-fitting multi-coloured shorts gave him a spritely look.

He was clean-shaven also. I would not be kidding if I said he had also grown a few inches taller. By the time they were ushered into the courtroom, the case was ready to be called.

From the last hearing on June 16

The prosecution led by Chief inspector Ernest Agbo told the court the preliminary advice from the AG’s office directed police to charge the two, with conspiracy to commit crime, namely murder, and murder.

Ernest Agbo said they had written back to the AG for Bill of Indictment and summary of evidence so directions would be given for the trial to begin.

In the estimation of His worship Eric Oheneba Antwi-Boasiako, one month was enough time for the police to get the supplemtary information from the AG’s office.

It was adjourned to July 15.

Today in Court

Well, I did not see the burly Chief Inspector Ernest Agbo who leads the prosecution in this case usually. Rather, another equally imposing figure, sporting the traditional navy blue uniform of the police, walked into the courtroom holding a file. Up he rose to introduce himself to the court,  My lord, Chief inspector Charles Annobil sitting in for Chief inspector Ernest Agbo, he said.

Samuel Atuah, counsel for the accused and the juvenile would also rise to his feet to introduce himself…and as these lawyers like to do a lot…he said

“…if it pleases the court, respectfully, I appear for the accused…”

Judge: “…you appear for the two or just one…”?

Counsel: “… respectfully I appear for the accused person and the juvenile”

I have always wondered why these lawyers speak like this, but I guess it’s the language of the Court.

Stand-in prosecutor, Charles Annobil would later rise to tell the court, they had information shortly before the Court heard the case, that the Bill of Indictment from the AG’s office was ready.

“… in fact, just this morning, officers from Accra delivered a message that the AG’s office had informed the CID HQ in Accra, that the bill of indictment was ready.”

But ” that is yet to be served on the police, to enable us equally serve the court.”

He would occasionally look back and take a bend, whispering and murmuring a few things to the two other officers who brought the accused and juvenile to Court.

From where I sat, just a pew away from where he was, I could barely hear a word.

But when he rose back onto his feet he prayed the Court to grant them two more weeks to keep the two in custody and also by which time they would have liaised with the AG’s office for further directions.

Justice Eric Oheneba Antwi-Boasiako was not exactly a happy man, because he had indicated on June 16, he was granting the one-month adjournment so the police prosecution could do what it had to do.

But as it was before him, there was still a lot to be done.

He however granted the two-week adjournment, for hearing to resume on July 29, 2021.

After Proceedings

After proceedings which lasted at least 30 minutes, forlorn relatives of the murdered 11 year old Ishmael Abdallah poured out of the courtroom.

I could tell the disappointment on their faces.

Father of the murdered 11-year-old, who was unable to travel all the way from Krachie in the Oti region for the last sitting, made it today, but his body language read.

“…so another waste of resources and time to travel all the way to Accra only to yet again have the hearing adjourned …”

But in very few words, spokesperson Samed Akalilu expressed disappointment yet again at the ‘snail pace’ of the trial.

“… we thought one month was long enough for the police and prosecution to have concluded these preliminary matters, but here we are, yet again another adjournment “

He said, “and just like we have been saying, the longer this takes, the more emotionally draining it gets.

The police and AG’s office must act with dispatch. Because justice delayed is justice denied.”

He was hopeful on July 29 when the hearing resumes some progress, significant progress would have been made.

We are back here on July 29

Columnist: 3news.com
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