Opinions Fri, 20 Jul 2018

Kwadwo Asamoah’s Instagram 'hottie' disgrace - Caused by his own stupid approach

Ghanaian footballer, Kwadwo Asamoah has for the last 24 hours become the object of interest of internet trolls. As the many trolls wallow in their deplorable schadenfreude, I’ve taken a minute to examine his absurd approach which caused him to be put on blast.

According to a report by GhanaCelebrities.Com and the accompanying screenshots, the rich footballer, like a slippery dick, slithered into the DM of an Instagram hottie—who’s probably one of the whores who call themselves Instagram models.

The young woman who carefully and deliberately entices men including immoral ones like many of us with her photos was approached privately by the footballer—who asked for her phone number.

From the screenshots, there does not seem to have any previous conversations. Kwadwo, after a casual greeting, asked for her number—to which—the woman responded in the negative.

Perhaps, Kwadwo, a footballer with money has had this disrespectful manner of approaching women worke many times and he thought, it was a bingo, in relation to a hot Instagram bimbo.

That’s where Kwadwo Asamoah got it wrong, and his smug tactic failed.

Per the reports and the screenshots, Kwadwo Asamoah blocked the woman—purely because she refused to give him her number.

And every woman, even a cheap Instagram one, will be upset when such nonsense and contempt are thrown at her. So, she captured their DM conversation and made it public—disgracing the married footballer.

The internet makes it possible and easy to disrespect people, in ways that we wouldn’t do in real life. People approach others in a way that wouldn’t be accepted if it was in real life.

And a lot of men on the internet are inherently stupid, cannot hold interesting conversations with women they are interested in—and on the back of it ask for their numbers, many days after.

There are a lot of women I've met online and occasionally chat with online and some, I have had irregular chats with on different issues for the last two years. If I were to ask any of these women for their phone numbers, it’s highly likely that they will give it to me.

When you meet a woman in real life, you will need to entice her mind by having a conversation and then bait her with a further interesting conversation which would only be possible if numbers are exchanged. This way, she will give you her number.

The virtual world is no different: the fact that the means of communication is different does not mean that you should, without any reason, expect a woman even if she looks cheap, to hand over her phone number to you.

We all have our demons and many of us are immoral—but we can be respectful in our conversations with women, and ensure that when they say NO, they do not suddenly become bitches in our eyes, worthy of unprovoked blocking.

Columnist: Chris-Vincent Agyapong