Kwahu West Assembly members withdraw vote of no confidence against MCE

Tue, 22 Sep 2020 Source: McAnthony Dagyenga, Contributor

The 14 Assembly members in the Kwahu West Municipal Assembly who petitioned the Presiding Members to initiate a vote of the no confidence motion against the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Yaw Owusu Addo, have inadvertently squirmed from their action.

Three days after the motion letter was sent to the PM, the 14 revolutionists, led by Asamoah Addo, Assembly member for Domeabra Electoral Area, backtracked their Friday's decision on the reason that their action was affecting political discourse in Kwahu West.

The letter addressed to the PM and signed by all the 14 members stated that "pursuant to the political tensions at this time and the superfluous personality culminations emerging, we have agreed to withdraw the motion until further notice. In this regard, we respectfully request you to discontinue the proceedings."

When McAnthony Dagyenga contacted Asamoah Addo, leader of the 14, on their surprising retreat, he indicated that it was a source of worry to them as the matter had taken precedence over all other political discussions in the entire Kwahu West Municipality.

"When this thing started it raised a lot of chaos in the Municipality and all sort of perspectives were infused into it; Darfour has done this, this one has done that... but the rate and the way it was going, it ended up that we don't really find time to do political campaign. Anytime you tune into the radio all you hear about is this matter. And it was eating into campaigning, and you know it is exactly about two and half months to go," he said.

The Domeabra Assembly member stressed that some local government ministers and other elders met the 14 members and talked to them last Sunday imploring them that their action was affecting political discourse in the Municipality.

"So we agreed and decided to withdraw, all of us the 14 together signed to withdraw and this morning we forwarded it to the PM as the law requires," he emphasised.

The Assembly member alleged that the MCE's side managed to persuade some of the 14 members who signed the letter with money to withdraw their signature.

"So even if we pursued this matter we would be short of the 14 signatures," he stated.

He, however, hinted that "in future, we will visit this matter (again). It is not closed entirely. We will pick the matter up after electioneering campaigns."

Source: McAnthony Dagyenga, Contributor
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