Kwaku Ampratwum Sarpong cannot be blamed for the woes of dismissed Mampong nursing students

Kwaku Ampratwum Sarpong  Member of Parliament for Mampong, Kwaku Ampratwum Sarpong

Tue, 26 Apr 2022 Source: Dawda Eric

I have read very derogation-filled pieces written by one Rockson Adofo who claims to be a constituent of Ashanti Mampong in which he has not only peddled palpable falsehoods against the Honorable Member of Parliament for Mampong but has also sought to denigrate him in the process.

The said Rockson Adofo, amongst other wild claims he made in his pieces, has also alleged that Kwaku Ampratwum Sarpong has been in cahoots with the Principal of the Mampong Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Ms. Gifty Helena Amoah, to ruin the lives and careers of some 168 students. He claims that the MP in a conspiratorial move with the Principal has had these students sacked from the school.

One would expect that Mr. Adofo would assign cogent reasons for these claims he is making. He does not present any logically sound argument apart from conspiracy theories that cannot be assimilated by sane minds.

First of all, why would an MP cause the dismissal of these students? What plausible reasons would account for such an action? There is/are none! Absolutely nothing under the sun would give any justification for an MP who is seeking to be elected again to embark on such a suicidal mission.

The facts of the case defeat the infantile claims being advanced by Adofo and those who may be behind him. As a constituent myself, I have been following this matter from its inception.

The students failed their exams. Some of them have failed twice. Those who failed in the first exams were being sacked but pleaded with the school’s authorities to grant them amnesty. It must also be pointed out that when the first incident occurred, the school’s authorities were in charge of the system so they could grant the amnesty. Now, that system has been centralized in Accra so anything to do with examination results is managed in Accra, not the school itself.

The MP has frantically been doing everything humanly possible to assist these failed students to be pardoned again. He has been in touch with the Minister of Health and his deputy, Tina Mensah.

After weeks of pleadings, the Health Minister asked the students to write petitions to his office for their cases to be reviewed. Out of the 168 students, not more than 50 students wrote the petitions. Upon Kwaku Ampratwum Sarpong’s pleadings, it is worth reiterating that the Health Minister has directed that the dismissed students will have to repeat,

Several meetings were held prior to the Minister granting the MP’s wish for the students to present their cases. Even the Mampong Traditional Authority came into the matter and in all these instances, the students admitted that they were to blame.

How anyone can turn around to blame Kwaku Ampratwum Sarpong for this is more than mind-boggling.

Kwaku Ampratwum is not a tutor or lecturer at the school. He is not a management member of the school. In fact, out of the students who failed, about 60 of them are part of those the Mampong MP pays their school fees. How can the same person turn around to work against himself?

These attacks on our noble and Honorable Member of Parliament are not only uncalled for but also logically pathetic since there is absolutely nothing linking him to what has happened.

In the next piece from me, I will reveal more about the one behind these absurd allegations and why the fellow is bent on tarnishing the reputation of Kwaku Ampratwum Sarpong.

Columnist: Dawda Eric