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Kweku Baako Backs Akufo Addo: Rejoinder

The Statesman article dated Tuesday 16th October 2007, stating that Kweku Baako backs Akufo Addo has no merit; Kweku Baako’s sadistic attacks try to force John Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen to declare those who contribute to his political campaign are political smear’s against Alan. This propaganda politics is apolitical nonsense against a candidate who has no media access as your Akufo Addo.
Kweku Baako is a gutter journalist who has enjoyed BNI protection since NPP came to power at taxpayer’s expenses for his spurious reports which have never yielded any better results for the nation. He has the audacity to say “ I urge Mr. Kyerematen to make full disclosures on who the contributors were. It is an appeal to the Alan camp there is no need to maintain any secrecy against the back drop of all the brouhaha going on let know how much cash was mobilized on that day and publish or issue a list of the donors” As a journalist you need to verify your source of information with critical thinking before making any statements in public. If Otchere-Darko and Kweku Baako think they could use their uninformed journalism to make any negative attack on any of the NPP presidential aspirants especially Alan Kyermaten to pull him down for their Akufo Addo they are in for a serious political dilemma. Your media acrimony and hatful injustice against your political enemy Alan Kyerematen will never be ignored. As I have always said, common sense is common but it is not common to many people. That is why we out to call it uncommon sense. If Kweku Baako really has common sense, he should rather ask his Akufo Addo to declare where and how he secured all these funds to purchase his 80 4x4 Ford vehicles for his presidential campaign instead of you asking Alan to declare those who have contributed to him. Alan does not have the kind of monies to purchase these 80 4x4 Fords as your Akufo Addo who is also paying constituency chairmen five million cedis monthly allowances. Kweku Baako believes that Ghanaians don’t have any right to know where Akufo Addo raises his campaign funds to be able to spend all these crazy monies; but Alan Kyerematen who has become the media punching bag should declare his finances to Ghanaians. Kweku Baako should realize that his Akufo Addo will never become a president in Ghana; his performance in his constituency is a case in point. He needs to go back to Akufo Addo’s constituency in Abuakwa South, where he has been a legislator for 16 years and prove to Ghanaians what Akufo Addo has done for these underclass people in his area. Akufo Addo has neglected Abuakwa South completely. He has no passion for the people in his constituency. Presidential candidate must run for office based on their records, achievements, their vision and passion for the people that they have served. Ghanaians do not need a boss but a servant; your Akufo Addo thinks he is a boss who thinks it is his turned now to lead the country, but he has no vision. I want Kweku Baako to understand that if Ghanaians need a person who has sacrificed his life for democracy in Ghana to be the next president, then Kwame Mpiani who went to prison for ten years in PNDC’S autocratic regime should be the next president but not your Akufo Addo.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi