Has New Patriotic Party lost its roots!!!?

Thu, 8 May 2014 Source: Hardi, Ibrahim

Its is said that when an elephant is badly wounded it turns into kangaroo

Can’t understand why the new patriotic party of today wants to say they were the northern people’s party of 60 years. I was shock when the likes of Nana Addo Danquah and other bigwigs of new patriotic party said they were celebrating their 60 years and claiming they are back to their roots. Where are your roots? Have you lost it? For your information, Tamale or Northern part of Ghana is NOT their roots. The Northern People's Party (NPP) was a political party in the Gold Coast which aimed to protect the interests of those in the Northern region of Ghana. Were these current new patriotic party has the aim of protecting the interest of the Northern regions or see people from north capable of doing something better? I wish well meaning citizens would get the chance of listen to the recording of New patriotic party prayers, dubs ‘’Jericho must fall’’ in the Kumasi sports stadium. The prayers that were said on this great day against Northerners surprised me today when npp said they are tracing their roots to the North. Those who formed that great party on the 11th of April 1954 were true patriotic citizens from northern Ghana and not property owing citizens.

The Northern People's party leader was Simon Diedong Dombo, the traditional chief of Duori in the Upper West Region. Other founding members of the party also included Mumuni Bawumia, J.A. Braimah, Tolon Naa Yakubu Tali, Naa Abeifaa Karbo, Imoru Salifu and C. K. Tedem. Dedicated true citizens of the north and Ghana.C.K.Tedem is the only surviving member,May their souls rest in perfect peace.

Formed in 1954, the party contested the 1954 election and the 1956 election. In November 1957 it merged with other opposition parties against the Convention People's Party to form the United Party.[1]I am not surprised that New Patriotic Party lost its roots., because they wants to deceive the people of the north that the party belongs to them which was a big wicked lie. They are tribalistic party which belongs to only selfish Akans.

After Ghana attained its independence on 6 March 1957, the Parliament of Ghana passed the Avoidance of Discrimination Act, 1957 (C.A. 38), which banned all parties and organizations that were confined to or identifiable to any racial, ethnic or religious groups with effect from 31 December 1957. The title of the Act was:

An Act to prohibit organizations using or engaging in tribal, regional, racial and religious propaganda to the detriment of any community, or securing the election of persons on account of their tribal, regional or religious affiliations and for other purpose connected therewith.[1]

This law meant that all the existing political parties would become illegal. These parties included the Northern People's Party, Muslim Association Party, National Liberation Movement (NLM), Anlo Youth Organization, Togoland Congress and the Ga Shifimokpee.[2] They therefore merged under the leadership of Kofi Abrefa Busia, leader of the NLM as the United Party. So what is new patriotic party talking about? Are they telling us, those other parties did not contribute to the success of their merger? Those parties were having founders and leaders and different dates of formation and aims?

The National Liberation Movement was set up by disaffected Ashanti members of the Convention People's Party, who were joined by Kofi Abrefa Busia, the NLM opposed the process of centralization whilst supporting a continuing role for traditional leaders.[1] Its main founding member was linguist Baffour Akoto whilst J. B. Danquah served as leader.[2] The party gained some support in the Gold Coast legislative election, 1956 and became the third largest party in the Assembly with 12 seats, behind the Convention People's Party and the Northern People's Party.[3]

The Avoidance of Discrimination Act, passed by Kwame Nkrumah in 1957 outlawed parties based on racial, regional, or religious differences and as such the NLM became part of the newly formed opposition group the United Party. New Patriotic Party should come clear, they are trying to make it nationalistic which everybody is aware that the party belongs to some selfish Akans who always believe, Ghana belongs to them.

Long live Ghana!!!!!.

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Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim