Almighty God Will Forever Deliver Me From Evil - Part Two

Fri, 9 May 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

No government the world over, can ever stay in power forever and the NDC can easily lose power on the wings of professional gaping sycophants, dreaded praise singers which always ANNOY THE PEOPLE. Things are not going on well on the ground at all, and the better the NDC government wakes up to that reality, the better it will be for the government. Thousands still go to bed hungry and the people are not feeling the Better Ghana Agenda in their pockets despite the fact that several development projects are on going nation wide. These are the bare facts. When the NDC is in opposition they put a Positive Tag on me for articles but when it is in power I get a Negative Tag. This time I won’t agree. If you are an NDC Supporter, an NDC government appointee or an NDC sympathizer and you fail to inform the President about the things that are not going on well on the ground, then consider yourself as an enemy of the NDC as a political party and the number one enemy of the President of the Republic who is also the Leader of the NDC party. All those who think that they can destroy me should now know that my God is there and will always be there to do the battle on my behalf and you will all flee with your tails in between your thighs. I am very much happy with the fact that thousands of Ghanaians across the political divide respect, congratulate and always encourage me for the very principled position that I have taken since the PNDC era in 1984 up to date 2014 and because of my principled position. I have nothing except my life. Indeed, I take pride in the fact that my God and my country, Ghana respected and continues to respect me for jealously sticking to my principles and not selling my conscience for a mess of pottage. You know, he who feeds you- controls your conscience. The NPP fed Ghanaian Journalists and took care of their business interests and succeeded in controlling their conscience and eventually bought them like bags of maize from 2001-2008. Nobody feeds me, so nobody controls my conscience hence my principled position in society. We are all CURSED in Ghana because we fear the TRUTH even inside the Church. If you put the TRUTH inside your bag and opens it inside the Church, most Bishops, Pastors and men of God would flee through the windows for fear of being exposed by the truth to the congregation. As for me, I pay more attention to my Creator than my enemies, critics and detractors. There are a lot of political novices, charlatans, and latter day saints whose aims are to destroy the President through needless sycophancy and well woven lies together with pull him down syndrome. We can not afford to sit down for an NPP victory in 2016 to remove the ground from under neath the NDC feet by feeding the President with lies that all is well on the ground. Let me cite a typical example of a fat lie by a former Minister of information and party propaganda under Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP government in 1964. Here Him. At a meeting of the Executive of the Association of Journalists with the Government that year, the Cuban Revolutionary, Comrade Che Guevara, asked Mr. N.A.Welbeck the then Minister of information, how many members the CPP had, and do you know what? Comrade Welbeck unashamedly proclaimed that CPP members were 7 million people, which was exactly Ghana’s population in 1964. Che Guevara’s response was a bemused smile and total silence as he shook his head in disbelief. That was a well woven gigantic lie by a cabinet Minister in the Nkrumah government at a time the President was being chased with bombs, grenades and many assassination attempts on his life by members of the United Party which the NPP represent today 2014. As the great CPP went through its steady dance to decline with every party functionary becoming more and more UNMINDFUL of the fundamental premises of the party as the Former Minister had stated, I observed all these nasty state of affairs in the CPP because I was a Young Pioneer Cadre. We must not remain silent observers because the NDC as a party was born out of a No- Nonsense Revolution in 1981. When Ghana regained its lost independence fully in 1960, the Republican Constitution which should have given form and meaning to that independence regained, was a disappointing testimonial of a disintegrating political party, corrupt and insensitive to the plight of the ordinary people by 1964 while the C.I.A and UP members were also busy planning Nkrumah’s overthrow. The NPP as a party in opposition is not alone because it has the full backing of Western intelligence Agencies led by the dreaded C.I.A, British m16, Israeli Mossad and what have you-they want the NPP back to power because they can easily buy NPP MINISTERS OF STATE AS WELL AS THEIR PRESIDENT as they did to former President Kufour, where Parliamentarians were bribed with 5,000 dollars each to vote for a bill to sell Ghana Telecom now Vodafone to a British firm - apologizes to Hon. P.C Appiah Ofori of the violent prone NPP. God will always guide me to think ahead of my enemies within the great NDC Party and outside it, because it is painful to always have your enemies within the same institution, but once you realize it, you will always be on guard. Let them continue to give me a Negative Tag out of sheer envy because of the progressive articles I have been writing to the social media, they would all be exposed for what they are very soon. Thousand hate, Thousand love, and my lovers are now in their millions worldwide, How about that? It is better you go hang or burn the sea if only you can do so, since your eyes are green with sheer envy and nothing else. My trust is in God, the Almighty, so I fear no foe within or without. They should bring it on. My Enemies Shall Not Prevail. You just keep your figures crossed and wait patiently. I shall return in the final part when the need arise.

Is anybody littering? I am done ‘Jaanbie Iwaii” Alluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement