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Kwesi Appiah's appointment: Nyantakyi patronises Ghanaians again!

In the 2014 World Cup, Ghana made headlines round the world. Amongst the myriad of issues was the fact that our ball boy, Ismail Hamidu, was paid a hundred thousand dollars, the same amount that was paid top stars like Asamoah Gyan and Dede Ayew. Kwesi Nyantakyi was livid at this revelation, especially because the individual involved had been wrongly referred to as a "ball boy".

In his opinion, there had been a deliberate attempt to belittle the role of this gentleman who was also involved in the very "technical" job of preparing the players jerseys and laying them out,....as well as carrying balls.

This is the same gentleman who today, having re-appointed Kwesi Appiah as manager of the Black Stars, has the temerity to impudently sit behind a microphone and display his gargantuan canines to tell Ghanaians, that Kwesi Appiah was the best man out of the about 95 men from around the world who applied for the Black Star's job.

I have nothing against Kwesi Appiah's appointment. I previously condemned his very first appointment because I felt, that dor a man who had not had any prior experience as a football manager, it was not enough to have been the assistant coach for a few years and then become the full Black Stars manager.

I felt then, that we required more of our BlackStars manager. Subsequent events confirmed his lack of experience as he lost control of the dressing room, with players like Michael Essien refusing to warm up at his say so and Prince Boateng exchanging insults with him. The rest as they say, is history.

But when he was dismissed as Black Stars coach, Kwesi refused to hang around the corridors of power to lobby for posts. He went as far as to Sudan to manage a team in the league and gain further experience coaching in the African club championship. That was when the man won my respect. Because I've always had the belief, that any experience being the top man, is better than simply being a professional assistant coach. And it was based on this that I opposed his first appointment.

A man can only do his very best to improve and be better. And so I welcome Kwesi Appiah back to the Black Stars. There are advantages to appointing a local coach and giving them the similar cooperation to what we give the foreigners and help them to succeed. He is assured of the support of the nation especially so when indications are that th current government was instrumental in his appointment.

I believe the same goodwill that President Nana Akuffo Addo is enjoying would be more than extended to him. My personal advice, is that he insists on appointing his own assistants one of whom should be Ibrahim Tanko, who, with vast experience in European leagues, would be in a position to assist him in the ta tidal side of the game.

But to tell Ghanaians, that Kwesi Appiah was the best of 95 men from around the world is as patronising as it is insulting. I wonder what Kwesi Nyantakyi takes Ghanaians for. By what criteria did Kwesi turn out to be the best? Hugo Bross, for example, has been a coach in Europe since 1988. He has won the African Cup of Nations at his first attempt. Tell me by what criteria Kwesi is better than him.

Kwesi Appiah is a Ghanaian, he comes cheaper, and has the support of the current government. That is the truth. Don't tell us blatant lies! Ghanaian soccer fans deserve better.
Source: Papa Appiah
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