Lawyer for families of Tadi kidnapped girls demands speedy prosecution of Samuel Wills

Nana Abakah Lawyer Takoradi Nana Abakah is Lawyer for families of Tadi kidnapped girls

Tue, 30 Apr 2019 Source: 3news.com

Lawyer for the families of the three girls kidnapped in Sekondi–Takoradi, Nana Abakah says the state cannot waste any more time in prosecuting prime suspect Samuel Wills on the actual case of kidnapping.

He noted that the anger of the public is growing and the result may be too much for government to contain.

His demands follow 18 months jail sentence the Takoradi Market Circle District Court handed down to 28 year old Nigerian Samuel Wills on Monday.

He was convicted on two counts of after he broke jail in January while in police for allegedly kidnapping the three girls in Sekondi–Takoradi in the Western Region.

Presiding judge Michael Ampadu had explained in his ruling that the sentence is stand-alone from the substantive kidnapping case.

The case of jailbreak travelled from January to April causing a lot of anxiety among relatives of the three kidnapped girls.

The relatives had wanted the substantive case of kidnapping to be a priority but Presiding Judge was clear that he has no case of kidnapping before him.

Speaking to journalists after the judgement, lawyer for the victims’ families, Nana Abakah was uncertain when the trial of Willis will begin.

“The police told the court they are still conducting their investigation into the kidnapping. So it means, prosecution still do not have anything concrete. So they asked the judge to go ahead with his ruling over the jailbreak. Now, we don’t know when hearing on the kidnapping will commence”.

He stressed, “So we have to make all the noise unto government, unto the IGP that the work is keeping long, three children since August up till now…”

He said “the news that we were receiving from the police was such that it was giving us hope of getting a good report today about the whereabouts of the girls. So I was not feeling satisfied for today’s proceedings going on with the matter of escape and causing damage. From what we heard, the investigation ought to have necessarily reached the point of getting the girls out”.

“If the police say they know where the girls are, then what is stopping them from bringing them out, it is strange” he stated.

Source: 3news.com
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