Lazy African leaders laugh when they meet foreign powers

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Sat, 16 Oct 2021 Source: Joel Savage

A dog wags its tail in excitement if the animal sees its owner because food is always available. It is the same way African leaders get excited when they see foreign powers.

Due to laziness and incompetency, African leaders have perpetually become beggars, always looking for miracles from foreign powers, even though they have everything on the continent to enhance economic development.

Frankly speaking, Africa should have ruled the world because it is a continent that has the best rich resources not available on the remaining continents, sadly, the blessed land’s resources have become its curse, therefore, the continent that is supposed to rule the world has now become the slave.

The Dark Continent in terms of color has lost its identity and kingship rights through slavery but that wasn’t the end, the destruction of the continent was followed by colonial aggression, Apartheid, whereby black people were separated from whites in their own country, pinned down with rules in sub-human conditions.

Let’s name them, Africa has the best diamond fields, gold, bauxite, manganese, iron, cobalt, and the best forestry and agricultural products, yet they lacked knowledge, wisdom, and the ability to enhance their own resources.

African leaders can't take a loan from foreign a country without listening to what European and American leaders say. The dependencies on foreign powers haven’t only baptized African leaders in corruption but have also given foreign powers the opportunity to commit horrible crimes in Africa.

All over the world, independent scientists, educated folks, including the Russian and the North Korean leaders have accused the US government responsible for HIV, Aids, and Ebola genocides in Africa but African leaders remain quiet.

African leaders are helpless, finding it difficult to address issues pertaining to crimes committed against humanity, and often can't say no to what foreign powers tell them but not this time.

Ghana is standing firm to refuse the legalization of homosexuality in the country. I give thanks to the Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin, for preventing such an abominable act in Ghana.

Columnist: Joel Savage