Opinions Mon, 3 Aug 2009

Learn From H.E.Alhaji Aliu Mahama

The defect of the NPP in last year’s election has resurrected all kinds of blame game targeted to various personalities in the NPP; matters seem to be dying down then came the proposed constitutional amendment. While others oppose any amendment entirely, others in support are punching holes in the draft proposal.

Unfortunately, some NPP members are behaving as if the constitutional amendment will take away their daily bread, this has resulted in a fiercely crusade by some to shot down completely the proposed amendment. I am of the strongest believe that, there are brilliant ideas in the proposed amendment especially the inclusion of TESCON in the voting process. One thing though, that I have notice about some Ghanaians are their inability to discuss issues dispassionately and with the future in sight. These people are much interested in rumors and half truth without taking the trouble to do in depth research about the issue, they naively jump to the media to make all kinds of submissions which can only come from a kindergarten thinkers. As the NPP heads for the August crucial Sanhedrin, it is important that all genuine members who have the progress of the party at heart to be sober minded and emulate the compassionate traits of Ex-Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama.

People will echo vehemently all kinds of reasons that caused the defect of the NPP but I strongly believe that our party lost power primarily on two things; lack of compassion and humility. During the campaign I went to all the regions except Ashanti, the overwhelming consensus among the voters was clear - politicians inability to be humble and show compassion to his/her fellow Ghanaian was the “ devilish pillars” that were vociferously echoed throughout the campaign by all facets of the populace.

There were many complaints from across the country where National, Regional and Constituency Executives were alleged to have failed woefully to show empathy to the grassroots. There were instances where some learned Youth called on either the National, Regional or Constituency Executives to have audience with them to echo the reasons why candidate A or B should not be filled as a parliamentary candidate but lack of compassion and humility from some of these Executives “blinded” them from having a face to face interaction with some of these aggrieved supporters.

Again, there is no denying the fact that monies that were released to areas needed did not go intact. Those uncompassionate and arrogant individuals failed to use common sense in the distribution of those funds. Sadly, they throng to the Churches and Mosque apparently to worship a Divine Being, Whom are you kidding?

Obviously, there were few decisions taken by Ex- President Kufour and our flag bearer Nana Akufo Addo that in retrospect were unhealthy, however, had our leaders epitomize the slightest compassionate spirit and humility, they could have package well the party cum government defence coherently and expeditiously on the rationale behind those decisions to Ghanaians. Unfortunately, because of our unconcern posture towards our fellow Ghanaians we ignored those sentiments and inardventedly claim that, whether they (voters) understand the recall of Dr.Richard Annane, the building of the presidential palace, tagging NPP as a cocaine party, we don’t care, for when they are tired, they will stop, we boldly claimed. Our media wo/men did their best but sadly they failed to articulate coherently a rebuttal to the NDC wicked lies. Our flag bearer did all what he could but his team failed to have feedback on the various political adverts and thereby rectify any anomaly, again there were four or five personalities that should NOT have been allowed to speak on the campaign platform. Sometimes you wonder why every famous person in Ghana wants to speak on a political platform. I thought s/he being introduce to the teaming crowd was enough but no, we sadly turned some of our campaign platform for the comedians (while intelligent brains like UK chairman Atta Krufi, Canada Chairman Macdonald etc to give us the flair of Diaspora accent were made to ‘keep quite’), politics is a real business and not for jokers.

Seriously, one issue that has baffled me many years in the NPP is the party’s hierarchy inability to unearth talents in our party. It is hard to fathom why people who had had higher education fail to appreciate this modern political tool. Let me be categorical, I’m tired of the usual faces paraded on our platform. The time is ripe for gifted, articulate and brilliant members of our party are given the chance on our political platform to deliver speeches. The NPP surely have the Barrack Obamas but for far too long they have been ‘caged’. We want the likes of the Ibrahim Adjeis.I was at the City Campus of the University Of Ghana for a TESCON forum and a guy from the Western Region deliver a splendid speech, I was amazed and wonder why this talented Youth has not been encouraged to be on our political platform than those ‘the same old faces’.

So as the NPP prepare for congress, let me make a subtle appeal to all supporters that, they should let the excellent attitude exhibited by H.E.Alhaji Aliu Mahama permeate their thinking and actions. A humble Muslim whose preoccupation has been compassion and respect for a fellow human being, a down to earth guy. He never discriminates whether you are poor or rich, he will listen to you. His strength to have empathy for all Ghanaians have been admired by all the religious and political divides and chiefs alike. Undoubtedly, Alhaji Aliu Mahama is created in the image of God/Allah and for sure, God/Allah will be proud of this son from the North. I am not in any suggestive of the fact that, he is a candidate for the 2012 flag bear ship, not at all. The truth of the matter is, in spite of the humane attitude, and a worthy of emulation persona of this Ex- Vice President, there is no way he can ‘ beat’ Nana and Alan, that is the plain truth.

It is equally incumbent on Nana Akufo Addo and Alan Kyerematen (their supporters inclusive) to be humble and compassionate towards each other. Had these principle transcended through their thinking, followers of Nana and Alan wouldn’t be fighting as who is the ideal person for the 2012 presidential race. Sometimes lazy people sit down in Accra and make all kinds of submission to deceive personalities they purport to support. Go to the entire regions, enquire from farmers, students, market women, professionals etc and there is no doubt who is the ideal candidate for the NPP in the 2012 presidential election. It is very regrettable that a human being created in the image of God can claim that it is only being a President that one can serve his/her country well. I certainly can’t get that argument. For me, with the personalities the NPP have currently; it will be unwise for any one to contest Nana Akufo Addo, Alan Kyerematen and Isaac Osei. Anyone who dare contesting these people should surely be sent back to school starting from kindergarten or crèche’. Please don’t waste your money!

Finally, rather than the NPP being consumed exclusively with who did wrong, we must put emphasis on what’s really important-unity. The confused NDC will certainly put the NPP congress on their microscope and we must do all humanly possible to forget about the wrongs done by an individual or groups and forge ahead in unity and compassion and respect for one another, with this, we will undoubtedly win the 2012 elections.

To Alhaji Aliu Mahama and those NPP wo/men who have shown empathy, humility and respect to all manner of foot solders, your good deeds will follow you forever.

Columnist: Kwaning, Martin