Let’s all contribute to a peaceful election - Imam urges

Sun, 6 Dec 2020 Source: GNA

Abubakar Saddick an Imam at the Tayyiba mosque has urged all Muslims to contribute to a successful and peaceful election.

He said this during the Islamic Jummah prayers in Tema themed “having patience towards upcoming elections “.

He encouraged all Muslims to have patience and to obey the basic instructions set up during the election process.

He said a peaceful election emerges when the people entitled to vote are tolerant and obedient during and after the election process.

He urged all Muslims especially the Zongo communities to avoid any form of disrespect and violence towards the electoral officials during and after the election.

Do not let any political party use you for violence as it may lead to a destructive election which can cause the death of innocent people“, He said.

He added that each one must adhere to the covid-19 safety protocols in order to stay safe and healthy.

He said one must not allow any political party to dictate their decision making processes towards the upcoming elections.

“You all have the right to vote your political leader so do so without the influence of any politician”. He said

He said all Muslims should avoid taking bribes or gifts from other political parties to vote for them adding that, it was against the teachings of Islam.

He encouraged the youth to respect any political party that wins during the election and not rebel.

Source: GNA
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