Let's encourage the youth to involve themselves in skill training activities

Skill Training E03 The writer says any country that lacks skill training on youth development can't develop properly

Thu, 26 Aug 2021 Source: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large

If care is not taken, it will get to a time where we won't get any artisans who are professionals and experts with peculiar skills containing specialized knowledge who is a youth.

The conversation is in two folds of different views.

Some say nowadays some of the youth don't want to learn any stock of trade or handwork to better their future. For some of the youth, they want a shortcut or way to riding on the raider of fraudulent activities, to get money on a silver platter basis.

Another view goes like this, some are of the view that some of the youth are willing to get themselves involved in skill training, but lack of financial assistance deprived most of them to accommodate it.

Some don't have financial helpers to support and aid them financially to be in school or undergo a skill training development.

Now going for an apprenticeship to educate yourself comes with a lot of costs, such as feeding, transportation, dowry, and graduation fee.

This foretells that to learn a skill nowadays is not easy but very expensive without a financial motivation to bear the cost involved in it.

I will plead with all members of parliament in the 257 constituencies we have in the country to intensify the rate of skill training in their various constituencies.

The madams and masters who are knowledgeable about certain skills, impacting the skill they have obtained to those who are ready to learn from them should reduce the price they charge to become an apprentice under them so that some of the youth who have little money can afford the price they charge to train someone with the skill they inhabit.

Any country that lacks skill training on youth development, can't develop properly in the future.

Not all the youth have interest in skills training, but those who are interested and lack financial support must be cushioned by the support of their members of parliament, non-governmental organizations, and philanthropists.

Skill development which unveils or discovers hidden talent among the youth means, without it a lot of talents will die without functionality.

So those who have the heart to learn or go for skill training, nothing should hinder them to get such privileges of youth development through skill training.

Not all the youth prefer secondary education, we have some of the youth who prefer vocational and technical schools to develop the skill they want.

Academically, not every youth is brilliant and intelligent to study, write exams and pass successfully.

This comes to bear that the onus lies on the government to give free scholarship programs or protocols to some of the youth, who want to enroll in the technical and vocational schools, to pursue a skill training education.

The way out to boosting the economy in the private sector is when there is a lot of youth employment in the country.

When most of the youth become self-employed, it will reduce the crime rate, perpetrated by some vibrant youth.

Self-employment will shade the rate of youth unemployment going in the country.

The future of the country depends on the youth and it will be very dangerous to entrust the nation resources into the hands of hollow or empty youth. This will call for a recipe for disaster.

Youth development in terms of flagship policies and programmes by the government should be considered first.

Columnist: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large