Opinions Fri, 23 Jun 2017

Let us abide by Good Sanitation Standard in our stadia for the benefit of huge spectators

To get it back to good and acceptable shape, we are informed that the Ministry of Youth and Sports intends to close down the Accra sports stadium for a while.

Currently the stadium is in bad shape having no scoreboard with rusty iron bars, cracked walls and very poor toilet facilities.

All those who visited the stadium before it was renovated in 2008 before the MTN Africa Cup of Nations AFCON tournaments, would not be happy with the fast deteriorating structure. like all the facilities in the stadium the toiled facilities therein also require a good facelift.

The Accra stadium also known as the Ohene Djan Stadium rubs shoulders with the Kumasi Baba Yara Sports Stadium and other major African stadia in terms of seating capacity. The 40,000 capacity stadium requires adequate number of washrooms to cater for the large number of spectators who might wish to use them while there to watch sporting or other activities.

We must not lose sight of the fact that the stadium which is used weekly is also open to other activities as boxing, conferences by political parties, churches and athletic competitions.

When it is renovated the washrooms of the stadium like the others across the country must be handed over to a waste management organization for regular maintenance.

Officials assigned to supervise the washrooms must be empowered to make sure that the facilities are clean at all times. After being renovated good maintenance culture must be put in place for the stadium to remain in good shape for a long time to come.

This culture of maintenance especially on the washrooms must be extended to all the stadia in the country including the Kumasi Baba Yara Stadium, Tamale Sports Stadium, cape coast stadium, and the rest of the stadia in Ghana.

This is important because the stadia are arenas where visitors including tourists from home and abroad go for entrainment. Facilities in the stadia if well maintained would go a long way to show to the visitors our level of sanitation culture.

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Columnist: Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai