Let us resurrect the spirit of communal labour in our communities

Avatime Communal Labour The writer is urging all to be involved in communal labour in our communities to help fix problems

Tue, 3 Aug 2021 Source: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large

I will urge all Ghanaians to consider communal labour to ensure rapid growth and development in our communities.

One of the tools in the toolbox for developing a country is the power of communal labour which cannot be neglected in this 21st century.

Communal labour can effectively solve a community's challenges by the individuals without relying on the shoulders of the government.

The government has been given the power to lead us and solve the challenges and problems in the country by demanding on them to fix most of the problems in the country, sometimes yield no better results, hence there is a need for us to be proactive in solving our problems.

Until we the citizens support the government in the nation-building agenda by contributing our quota towards the realization of the government's goal,

there is no way all the numerous problems in Ghana can be fixed.

I am of the view that government can't stretch his hands to fix all the challenges and problems in the country. Without the support of citizens, the system cannot work.

Gone are the days we see people in certain communities coming together to fix the needs and wants by themselves without calling upon the government for support.

If our communities are unhygienic, we should not sit aloof for government to come and sanitize them. Note that before the government turns its eyes to us, malaria and cholera will send us to our sickbed.

There is no doubt about that, that it is the responsibility of the government to fix the country, that is the promise they gave to we Ghanaians to convince us for power through elections.

If the government is not ready to fix the problems and challenges in our communities, we the citizens can unanimously fix it by coming together as one people.

It is true that we pay taxes to the government to properly manage the affairs of the country, but we the citizens must also understand that the central government cannot provide for all our needs.

That's why we still have bad roads, lack of beds in our hospitals, dilapidated bridges, serving as death traps, lack of portable drinking water just to mention a few.

We can contribute our quota in our various communities to fix the problems and challenges in it. Someone will say if the government is not capable to fix the problems and challenges for the citizens, then why should we give the government our mandate or vote to rule us?

We the citizens need to be committed to polishing our livelihoods per our strength in order not to rely on the government for solutions to some minor problems and challenges in our communities for the betterment of Ghana and Africa in general.

"Let's try to resurrect back the spirit of communal labour in order to have our problems fixed in our communities than to be depending on government always.

Most of the developed countries were not only developed by the government, but those living there also organized themselves to assist the government in, in terms of developmental infrastructural projects.

We should understand that the government can't do it all.

In as much, we need the government to assist us to fix our communities' problems. The government also needs our individual support to fix the entire country's problem.

Columnist: Doctor Kwadwo Ye-large