Life is a beautiful puzzle

Life Life gives us the opportunity to make our own choices

Fri, 29 Apr 2022 Source: Edward Kyei Frimpong

The journey of life presents everyone with an opportunity to make choices that will determine their future. These opportunities come in different forms and times, but it is encumbered on each person to make the best choice out of the lot.

Whiles some people joyously embrace the opportunities that come their way, there are others who only find interest in other people’s opportunities and thereby miss theirs. It’s a sad reality to know that you lose focus once you begin to compare yourself with others instead of appreciating the little steps you make ahead in life.

We may all not take the same progressive steps simultaneously in life; therefore, it is important to embrace your baby steps whiles striving to make an even greater impact in the days ahead. It is a waste of time to see yourself in competition with a fellow who is only focused on his designated journey. It is true we are all running a race in life with our own selves and not with others. Therefore, you only measure your progress with each level of your personal achievement along the way. Run your race and let others run theirs!

A beautiful element of life that brings a complete understanding of all things is time. With time, the pain, sweat, passion and dedication to turn the opportunities to life successes will make a lot of sense. The problem is many people are not so patient enough to actualize their dreams in life. People are almost always in a rush to take the next decision that may eventually deter their progress in the long run.

The patience to endure the struggle till the fruitful season seems more like a myth than actually achievable feet. People do not realize that sometimes during their struggle is where they find the strength and creativity to birth unique solutions to the challenges facing the whole nation. Giving up on your personal goals and aspirations in life is not only a disservice to yourself but to humanity.

The uncertainty of life is what fuels one to be conscious and cautious of the kind of decisions to take at every point in time. That genuine fear of the unknown future is the spark that drives people to put in extra effort to secure a beautiful tomorrow.

Irrespective of one’s affiliation and status in this journey of life, there will always come a time when you will need a helping hand to lead you to your destination. That period humbles everyone to accept the fact that every individual is important in their own way. Therefore, treating everyone with a level of respect is paramount in the quest to achieve your goals.

The big question now is what sort of decision are you making presently? What is your motivating factor in taking that decision? Are you certain about being successful with that decision? Is there a plan b in place if that initial decision fails? How long will it take to see the positive effect of that decision?

If you can somewhat find answers to these queries above, you are halfway through arriving at your goal. Life will always push you to be an innovative leader and a constant problem solver. The most successful people you find around the world are all problem solvers. They all identify a need and mechanize ways and means to solve them. That is the beauty of life.

The goal is not about avoiding any problems. The goal is to be strong and firm in the decisions you make to overcome the problems that will always knock at your door as long as you live. Therefore, it’s important to remain focused on your goals and unperturbed about the turbulent challenges around you. You only need to be dedicated to finding answers to the beautiful puzzle of life.

Columnist: Edward Kyei Frimpong