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Mahama deliberately, mischievously plays tribal bigotry against Bawumia

By Rockson Adofo

President Mahama in his desperate attempts to win the overwhelming support of the people of the Northern, Upper West an Upper East regions, the people of his tribal extraction, decided to maliciously play the tribal bigotry or card.

He tells them, “I pity Dr. Mahammudu Bawumia for the NPP will use him and dump him because NPP will never allow a Muslim to become a President of Ghana. Look at what they did to Vice President Alhaji Aliu Mahama. Because they did not want a northerner or a Muslim to become their flag bearer to contest for the presidency of Ghana, they allowed seventeen people to contest for the flagbearership after President Kufuor completing his eight years of service and was going”

If President Mahama is not being malicious here, then he is depicting his political ignorance and tribal bigotry.

Let it be known to this “Mr. Dead Goat” President who feeds on corruption much the same rate/way as he breaths that in the exercise of any democratic dispensation, people are neither imposed on others nor positions dished out and bestowed on others for their status in society or their acquired level of higher education degrees. However, people, regardless of their previously held positions, must contest for other positions of interest when such positions become available or vacant.

Similarly, and in strict adherence to the NPP’s internal constitution and operational policies, Vice President Aliu Mahama had to succumb to the same rules of which he was not only an adherent but a proponent.

A few questions to be asked President Mahama. Is he aware that the NPP like NDC has a party constitution and operational party policies? Has he had the chance to familiarize himself with the NPP’s written rules and regulations?

What are the NPP’s terms and conditions for selecting their party’s flag bearer to contest presidential elections? In 2007/08 when they attended the party’s super mammoth Congress to elect their flag bearer who automatically became their presidential candidate, did NPP side-step their existing rules to do something differently untoward?

If they did not but allowed all those who thought they were eligible for the position to contest in all honesty, why should President Mahama, the friends of lawless people and criminals like the Montie trio, Messrs Salifu Maase aka Mugabe, Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn, dare condemn the NPP and Dr. Bawumia?

Whipping up tribal sentiments will not work for him anymore because the northerners are equally suffering economic hardships under his government like any other Ghanaians elsewhere even though his government is 80% northerners. His thievery is suffocating all and sundry except the few people with whom he is stealing gluttonously with his two hands.

Are the NDC democratic? Do they have any written party constitution and if they do, do they adhere to the tenets and principles as therein enshrined? Do they have it written in their internal party’s constitution to allow people to contest for their presidential candidacy slot? If they do have such a party’s constitutional requirement in place, do they adhere to it, or for issues of political correctness bordering on opportunism, they flout that policy as and when it suits their political maliciousness?

Why should I spend my precious time educating this Dead Goat Mr. “Me ntie obiaa” President? For the sake of Ghanaians whom I love so much, I shall continue to tell you the following to prove how ignorant, malicious, a tribal bigot, and politically incompetent President Mahama is.

I am going to cite vivid examples or mention case references as precedents where departing Vice Presidents with intention to become successor-Presidents had to contest their party’s presidential nominee’s primaries.

In America, Vice President George Bush Snr of President Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party’s government had to contest primaries to be nominated as presidential candidate for the Republicans.

Republican Party presidential primaries, 1988. “George H. W. Bush entered the contest as incumbent Vice-President and with the support of sitting President Ronald Reagan. Bush had trouble at first but by the time Super Tuesday was over his campaign's organization and fundraising ability had overwhelmed his opponents. He received all the votes at the convention” - sourced from Wikipedia.

Again, Vice President Al Gore of President Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party’s government did contest primaries.

Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2000 “Incumbent Vice-President Al Gore had the support of the party establishment and a strong base within the party after eight years under President Bill Clinton. His only significant challenger was Bill Bradley who never managed to win a primary. With Bradley's delegates forbidden to vote for him, Gore was chosen unanimously at the convention”.

In none of the two cases was it decided just to give them the nod to go for the presidential candidacy without going through primaries because they were Vice Presidents. This is true democracy in operation.

President Mahama talks as if Ghanaians who he claims to have short memory are stupid; they are without brains to reason as intelligent or normal human beings.

The NPP has not any established policy to bar northerners, Muslims or anybody based on their tribal orientation from contesting their flagbearship to eventually contest for the presidency of Ghana as is erroneously being propagated to fool the people of the regions mentioned above by President Mahama.

I believe the northerners will in any day any time prefer a competent Vice President Mahammudu Bawumia who can deliver on his promises to bring prosperity, comfort and peace of mind to them to having an incompetent, corrupt, and clueless and a liar President Mahama.

Stay tuned for more brainstorming and factual info from Rockson Adofo, a leading member of the “Mahama Must Go” movement.

“Ye wo krom, mmarima wo krom”

The wind for change is blowing. It will wipe out all the secretly installed machines and plots by the NDC to rig the impending Election 2016. God will defeat their plans at the last minute.

Ghanaians will be liberated from the killer corruption by President Mahama and his government and their agents and assigns forever, come 7 December 2016.

The battle is still the Lord’s. All NPP faithful and sympathizers please double your campaign efforts with the good tidings. Do not rest until we have solidly massively won the election.
Columnist: Adofo, Rockson
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