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Mahama's free tertiary education promise a 'sickening scam' to downplay intelligence of voters - Nana B

The National Youth Organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Lawyer Nana Boakye (Nana B) has rubbished and discredited the NDC’s deceptive and ill-conceived “FA NINYINAA” campaign promise, smuggled through the back door to add up to the litany of their failed and uninspiring manifesto promises.

According to him the deceptive promise, being the last straw that the NDC desperately seek to anchor their drowning campaign on, is not only a propaganda tool to, but also a sickening scam directed at downplaying the intelligence of voters.

At a press conference yesterday, Nana B stated that; "The “FA NINYINAA” campaign promise, scruffily and hastily put together, is a knee-jerk reaction to the BIG announcement by the Scholarship Secretariat that, it’s giving Scholarship to tens of thousands of the “Akufo-Addo Graduates” and has thus opened it portal for them to apply."

He averred that "The Incompetent Mahama, judging from his innate traits and track record, has no credibility and can never be relied upon to deliver on such campaign promise.

As the President of Ghana, the Incompetent Mahama could not pay a meager Ghc37 million being the cost of his shambolic Progressively Free SHS policy and for that matter, it can be justifiably concluded that he lacks the capacity to mobilize the over Ghc2.5 billion needed to finance the deceptive "FA NINYINAA" promise.

"Mr Mahama said it doesn’t make sense to invest Ghc2 billion in Free SHS, so how can he possess the political will whatsoever to invest over Ghc2.5 billion in paying fees for all tertiary students.

"If Mr. Mahama, as President, could not pay the utility bills of tertiary institutions and thus billed the students to pay. Therefore, if Mahama was unable to pay the utility bills of tertiary institutions, then he cannot pay the entire fees of tertiary students.

"Out of incompetence and mismanagement, Mr. Mahama canceled the allowances payable to both trainee teachers and nurses, and on that account, he can’t be trusted.

The Book and Research Allowance initiated by former President Kuffour to aid University Lecturers in the performance of their academic work was canceled by Mr. Mahama, for that he lacks the credibility to pay fees for tertiary students.

"Candidate Mahama, as President, couldn’t pay the feeding grant of senior high schools in the northern part of Ghana leading to the closure of these schools for weeks, at the beginning of every academic term, for that he lacks the credibility to pay fees for tertiary students.

"No amount of propaganda and deceptive promise can salvage the ailing campaign of the NDC and the looming defeat of Mahama."

Nana B concluded by stating that on December 7, the youth of Ghana shall vote massively for President Akufo-Addo to protect the Free SHS policy, Trainees Allowances, NABCO, One District One Factory, Planting for Food and Jobs, a Working Scholarship Scheme and the many life-changing policies and programs of the government.
Source: Peace FM
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