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Mahama to maintain Amissah Arthur as running mate...

He might not have a clay feet but has a harmonious working relationship with President Mahama and has shown a divine bond of friendship and understanding between themselves and the people of Ghana. There is a saying that. No matter how many push-ups the lizard does, it can never be as big as a crocodile.

On Tuesday President Mahama asked his “tested and loyal” Vice President, Kwesi Amissah Arthur to pick the NDC Presidential nomination forms on his behalf at the party’s headquarters at Adabraka in Accra he had picked, which means that he would still maintain him as his running mate for the presidential election in 2016. Someone he trusts “absolutely, completely.” Not for private business purpose, but for the interest of all Ghanaians.

When it comes to choosing a great mate, whether in politics or business, the essentials extend well beyond charisma, connections and political leverage. The key foundational elements are trust, loyalty and complementary skills and qualities.

Vice presidential picks should always share values and vision, and should not have dislike for one another, in order not to produce divisiveness in the administration. To many observers, it seemed the pairing of the two is great; revealing an extraordinary pairing of skills, influence, leadership and trust; a successful relationship extending well beyond their three years in service together.

Vice President Kwesi Amissah Arthur has been able to prove himself as a humble leader who has exhibited that his humility is known beyond bounds. What the people of Ghana are looking for is a humble selfless, truly confident intelligent, non-corrupt God fearing Vice President who is working and focused. His strong record on ethics and government integrity cannot be questioned in Ghana.

The duo went on to win the 2012 presidential elections, and have so far enjoyed a robust relationship. At­tempts by some people in the past to drive a wedge in their relationship had been met with utmost resistance. “As a father, public servant, and party man Kwesi Amissah Arthur has an impeccable, unimpeachable conscience, a clear view of right and wrong.

Fending off accu­sations of duplicity and low political turpi­tude against Amissah Arthur recently, the president has insisted he is at “home with Amissah Arthur ”; perhaps, a didactic aphorism suggesting he is satis­fied with his entire contributions to their presidency.

Who really is Kwesi Amissah Arthur? The answer to this isn’t far-fetched. Kwesi Amissah Arthur, was born on 20th November 1957, three years to Independence. . A lecturer turned Politician.

Talk of experience, talk of qualification; He is counted the few. He is a seasoned politician. The greatest among his amiable qualities is his humbleness and meekness. This man is indeed a mentor of all who wish to attain greatness. Come to think of it, he has been a brain behind that due attention is given on issues of national concern including discussion session with relevant groups and representatives sitting together and chatting the way forward for Ghana as a country.

In ascension to power, Vice President Kwesi Amissah Arthur has proven to Ghanaians that politics could be played without rivalry and enmity. This, he’s exercised while responding to critics and opposition criticism on his government by educating them on issues. Amissah Arthur is a very humble individual who has the heart of every Ghanaian at hand.

His reactions to every national emergency have justified this. He coordinates government policies for it to be communicated to the general public and allows for public views and otherwise. He is indeed a listening Veep. His selection was indeed a divine call to help John Mahama to restore the lost glory of our dear land, Ghana. It’s the handwork of God.

For now, no one can reposition Ghana than Mahama and Amissah Arthur; no one can bind us together as one entity than this personality. Good governance is enthroned; quality and better live is given to all Ghanaians. Future and hope is played in for generation yet to come. Voice of the masses is the voice of God. Majority have spoken, God has ordained.

He believes Time for sectional and mediocre politics is over. It is time we put things right, it is time to chat a new course. Ghana must be built but by Ghanaians alone. Lip service and deceit isn’t what we want anymore. Gangsterism and vision-less politics is no more needed. The younger generation must enthrone good and quality leadership.

To many Ghanaians Vice President Kwesi Amissah Arthur is an astute politician, he’s a clever, methodical and intelligent man, who is very adept at wrong footing all the persons who make an effort to second-guess or under-estimate him. He understands the game of politics.

As an individual who held the post of deputy finance secretary/minister for ten years (more than two terms of the current dispensation), and being in charge of the central bank during one of the longest period of stability for our currency since independence, it baffles political level-heads why people would want to undermine his political experience.

P.K as some affectionately call him, like the Prof Mills and President Mahama believe in solving the problems of Ghanaians without engaging in any unnecessary controversies that may only detract him from his core mandate.

He is acutely conscious of the historicity of his emergence as Ghana’s No. 2. He knows that he is here as the Vice President for all Ghanaians. He knows that he is a representative of all common persons, especially the less privileged in society.

Here is a man who is an epitome of loyalty and simplicity and that is exactly what he’s doing by complimenting the efforts of President Mahama . For what it’s worth, he has proved himself a worthy and loyal vice to Mahama, earning the accolade as the second most loyal vice president in Ghana.

For some days now there has been horse-trading and high-level politicking over who would become the nation’s number two citizen in the social media and the various newspapers.

But for what we saw picking the forms for President Mahama all is well, there is a harmonious working relationship with the Vice President and the President and they are all enjoying a full cooperation.

The stories of crisis between president and vice president is not true they are working together as a team, so that they project the interest of this country internationally and work with all stakeholders to improve the economy of this country

The Kwesi Amissah Arthur I know has a deep sense of appreciation and will to serve his fatherland well especially knowing the enormous responsibility of the office of the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana and is not unaware of the challenges posed by the dictates of that office and shall surmount such challenges.

I believe his choice by President Mahama to occupy this office is hinged on the belief that he will continue to bring his wealth of experience garnered over the years in the private as well as the public sector, to bear in the discharge of duties and actualization for mother Ghana.

In spite of unforeseen challenges, which this administration has had to contend with, President Mahama and his Vice are doing their utmost best to positively transform Ghana. Ordinary Ghanaians know and appreciate this. Those parading themselves as leaders of the opposition, who claim that the President and Vice are not in good terms and have lost the support of Ghanaians and are not performing are only making noise and represents only themselves and their selfish interests.

Today Ghanaian scan verify such falsehood, would deduce from the body language of the two gentlemen in public functions . This is the Saul Complex. Saul could not accept the fact that somebody as simple as David could be favoured by God. And just like Saul threw the spear at David out of uncontrollable jealousy, these critics are out to throw any kind of spear to see which hits the target, hence all their lies about those who occupy the Presidency.

Let me end by saying that the Vice President is a simple man but simplicity is not naivety. If simplicity were to be naivety, then the world would not be where it is today because it is simple men like Abraham Lincoln, Jimmy Carter Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Kwame Nkrumah, who have shaped the world that we live in by simplifying what others have complicated.

President Mahama and Amissah Arthur has our Country headed in the right direction, and it’soon and very soon as we are seeing gradually the economy is taking

Indicators by the all developments agencies have indicated that Ghana is a pillar on the African Continent. We must reject any one trying to rewrite Ghana’s history with lies in their own interest. We don’t owe this to HE Mahama, we owe it to ourselves. Let us give his policies time to bear fruits.

Reading the Vice President’s lips and body language in itself, defines the di­rection and choice as a running mate once again.

Speaking to a lot of party supporters at the party headquarters they said that if Amissah Arthur is his choice, and he is getting along well with him, he should be allowed to run with him again. Concluding, they argue that “you don’t change a winning team”.

The choice of the running mate for the NDC is now a done deal because President Mahama believes once again he may influence voting in the 201i5 presidential election,

While a presidential aspirant emerges the candidate of a political party by winning a primary election, the vice-presidential candidate is selected or appointed as a running mate by the candidate, and then the party would reach a consensus reached by both.

According to political analysts, the picking of nomination forms by the Vice President shows a pattern of trust and loyalty because the choice of a running mate in an election is strategic. The personality, background, affiliations and political clout of the aspirants are considered before the candidate is chosen.

The analysts believe that in a political clime like Ghana, parties will consider the nationality, education and career, religion and political antecedents of the running mate. These, they say, are factors that will get more votes for the presidential or candidate something that Veep Kwesi Amissah Arthur has.

The Vice-President is a very important position that needs competence to perform in that position

Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur at the party headquarters said President John Dramani Mahama is ready for any internal contest with the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He said the president will beat any contender to retain the NDC’s presidential candidacy in next year’s polls.

Vice President Amissah-Arthur who wore white local design shirt with NDC colours was accompanied by Alhaji Mahama Iddrisu, Dr Christine Amoako Nuamah and Mr Linus Mobila who are all respected elders of the party.

Vice President Amissah Arthur said the reason for bringing such esteemed personalities along was to show that the party is united and that they still have elders whose experience and knowledge could be combined with that of the youth for national development.

He said President Mahama is seeking the nomination with a deep sense of humility and responsibility as well as the renewal of his mandate as the leader of the NDC and also the President of Ghana.

He expressed confidence that the people of Ghana will renew the mandate of the President.Vice President Amissah Arthur said the President is confident that he would be victorious in the party’s selection process.

So far, the Vice President cannot be faulted in the discharge of his constitutional responsibility of loyalty and subordination to his boss.

The President himself has acknowledged this fact at many ceremonies including the founder of the NDC party former President Rawlings and many unbiased observers of Ghana’s democracy have even described Kwesi Amissah Arthur as one of the most loyal Vice President in the history of the country. It is clearly through his hardworking.

Eventually Mr. President Mahama has listened to the clamor of Ghanaians for him to again present himself in 2016, which I am sure he will, I can assure you that he per what I witnessed yesterday president Mahama would run with Kwesi Amissah Arthur as his Vice President because of hard work truth, trust and loyalty

Kwasi Amissah has shown that the path to reelection for any sitting President that is faced with unity in the party, with his unique political style that is anchored on loyalty, commitment and respect for the party.

Kwesi Amissah Arthur is a quiet and vibrant man whose depth of knowledge is arresting. He is a man who understands Ghana’s current economic conditions as much as the President does.

Vice President Amissah-Arthur, who prior to his elevation to the position of the Vice President, was the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, was vetted by Parliament and safely sailed through with his approval before assuming the position.

Here is a Vice President who has risen through the ranks from the era of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) to when Ghana re-entered constitutional rule in 1992.

A look at his profile might bring out the competencies of the man through his days as a student and his professional life.

The Cape Coast born economist had his General Certificate of Education “O” and “A” Levels at the Mfantsipim Secondary School in Cape Coast from 1964 to 1971.

He proceeded to the University of Ghana, Legon where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1974 and subsequently his Master of Science Degree in 1976, both in economics.

He wrote his thesis on “Public Policy and economic growth, a model of economic growth-Ghana” 1956-1974.

Mr Amissah-Arthur lectured at the Department of Economics at the University of Ghana between 1980 and 1988. Prior to this, he was a research assistant at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research between 1974 and 1975.

He later joined the Economic Department of the University of Ghana as a teaching assistant from 1977 to 1978 going on to become an assistant lecturer in 1979. He was a lecturer at the Department of Economics, Anambra State College of Education, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria between August 1981- July 1983).

Between 1983 and 1986, Amissah-Arthur served as a special assistant to the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) Secretary of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr Kwesi Botchwey. He became Deputy Secretary for Finance in the PNDC government from February 1986 until March 1993.

From April 1993, he continued as the Deputy Minister of Finance in the first NDC Government after the establishment of constitutional rule until 1997.

He was responsible for the preparation of the Annual Public Investment Programme, Management of the budget of the Government of Ghana and managing the bilateral and multilateral assistance to Ghana.

Mr Amissah-Arthur worked as a Consultant for the World Bank in the Gambia and also served as a consultant for the Netherlands government Education project in Ghana. Between 1988 and 2000, he worked as Senior Economist for the Sigma One Corporation in Ghana and between 2001 and 2002; he was on assignment for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Mr Amissah-Arthur was appointed Governor of the Bank of Ghana in October 2009 by late President John Atta Mills, this position he held till 6 August 2012 when he became the Vice President.

It was during his tenure as the Governor of the Bank of Ghana that the country attained a middle income status.

President Mahama made no mistake in selecting Mr. Amissah-Arthur as the Vice President and he deserves commendation for his indefatigable effort to bring the economy on an even keel. Mr Kwesi Amissah Arthur has so far demonstrated good political craftsmanship as the Vice president of Ghana.

There’s a Malawian proverb which says – He who thinks he is leading and has no one following him is only taking a walk.
Columnist: kasapafmonline.com