Opinions Fri, 11 Aug 2017

Martin Amidu, to suspend or not to suspend

In the past 72hours, the NDC party has witnessed very fierce exchanges from across the rank and file of the party from founder to lawyers, through 'citizen vigilantes' down to loyalists and opportunists, etc.

Deadly missiles have been thrown from all angles and some of us are left with no choice than to just take cover but still ensure we catch a glimpse of the showdown.

Before I get my head chopped off as I am aware it has already been put on the chopping board, permit me to say the tempo has increased and this alone is reason for worry.

As a member and a proud one of the umbrella party, I believe we all have equal rights and so am I also entitled to mine.

Until recently it was a war of words between various loyalists of various perceived presidential candidates and undoubtedly the heat was seemingly between the Alabi taking over camp and the Sankofa JM team.

Though am still yet to figure out where exactly Dela Coffie belongs, one can authoritatively say he is not a believer in the Sankofa mantra.

Founder of the NDC and former president of the Republic, His Excellency Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings has again opened his mouth and this has certainly set the tone for another plethora of issues to be resurrected.

Honestly, he is so loved and still enjoy a very wide support base of the party but there has been very growing concerns about some of his utterances which has been seen as unmaking the party he so cherish and formed rather than making it.

One thing that worries the likes of myself is WHY our founder always choose to advise us in public, in fact I do no have the answer to that but can only speculate and this makes me ask if he tried advising quietly bit wasn't listened to and have now decided to do so publicly.

Well, in less than 24hrs after Dr. Boom "boomed", a former Deputy Chief of Staff Madam Valerie Sawyer released a counter to appropriately question both Mr. Rawlings and Shadow Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu. If my memory serves me right the headline was "ntomtom or nwansena".

In it, former president was referred to as a hypocrite who never did any wrong and Martin Amidu was reminded that his Achilles heel will put him on a crash course. Truth be told, it was well laced and very hard hitting to a spectator but worrying to a citizen.

Well, the Shadow Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu has his weapons sharpened and always eveready to respond to any mention of his name. indeed he didn't disappoint, he responded to Madam Valerie and appeared to have an ally in Dela Coffie, who also wrote another rejoinder to Madam Valerie. Just a few hours after that I happen to chance on the so called petition calling for disciplinary action against Martin Amidu.

I am left confused because I am wondering why the petitioners weren't bold enough to ask the party to also call the founder to order or take a disciplinary action against him too, certainly it therefore defeats the ideals of fairness and justice that they sought to seek for which the quoted article 47 of the NDC party constitution as basis for their action; does it grant some immunity to the former president, I doubt and therefore see the action of the petitioners very flawed and skewed.

Another comrade Razak Abu also jumped into the Frey and didn't mince words at all in putting out his message in defence of one party as opposed to the other. One of the greatest albatross on the neck of the NDC presently is the reactionary nature of it's members and Martin Amidu has consistently worsened the situation. I, Elikem K. Kotoko believe that a very tough sanction be slapped on Mr. Martin Amidu in order to put the NDC on the right track but my question is, is it only Martin Amidu who is talking?

Being bold to say the party should speak to Mr. Rawlings and others as well does not make me disrespectful, does not mean I have taken sides, etc, but to borrow the very words of the founder, I also love the party that's why am calling for equity, fairness and truce.

The current ongoings in the party is a true test of our character and a challenge to leadership to show their ability to hold the fort and demonstrate it is in charge.

I have consistently maintained that instead of loyalty to the party, members have become loyal to individuals first before the party and this is a worrying concern that must be addressed.

Let all parties ceasefire, for the sake of party unity, cohesion, and reconciliation. Indeed we are in trying times but we must remember that victory 2020is #PossibleTogether if we remain #StrongerTogether by #GettingInvolved.

#GodBlessTheNDC #GodBlessOurHomelandGhana
Columnist: Elikem Kwami Kotoko