Opinions Sat, 16 Jul 2011

Mills' Friends Betray Him

Prof John Evans Atta Mills the president of The Republic Of Ghana has taken off the

mask from his face showing his real person to many who thought of him otherwise

through his choice of allieds. The beliefs, character and actions/inactions of his

trusted friends has shown what pres Mills is in reallity.

There is a popular saying that; show me your friends and I will show you your

character. This saying is so true because birds of the same feathers flock

together. The bible also confirms this ideology when it says; the light and the

darkness cannot stay together. Like-minds plan together, therefore the convictions,

behaviors and general personality traits of your friends talks a lot about who you


All Ghanaians were made to believe that Pres Mills was a man who is not

tribalistic(father of all), God fearing, humble, honest and an incorruptible man.

The deeds of his appointees and favorite friends has however, shown that he is none

of the things we have been made to believe about him.

When the "non tribalistic" president was voted into power, he made appointments that

have left a lot of question marks about where he really stands when it comes to

tribal discriminations. Dont make a mistake, my problem is not the large number of

a particular tribe in his government, no far from that. He can decide to give all

his appointments to one tribe it is not a problem so long as the people are good and

do not have the tendency of destroying the bridges that links all our tribes

together as Ghanaians. The worrying thing is that the president chose to appoint a

man who personally wrote a book that sought to allienate a particular tribe(Asantes)

and virtually painted them as evil people who hate the development of Mother Ghana.

Prof Kofi Awoonor, the man Prof Mills chose as the chairman of his state counsel

wrote a book tittled "The Ghana Revolution". In this book he described the Asantes

as the enemies of the state whilst hailing the Ewe led

PNDC as the savior of Ghana from the destructive rule of these alleged evil tribes

men. Anyone who reads the book will see the acrimony he has against a particular

tribe. The extent of his(Prof Awoonor's) aversion of these people could twist

the mind of anyone reading his book to equally hate them. In short prof

Awoonor's book has the tendency of inflaming a wide animosity for the Asantes,

a situation every well meaning Ghanaian should abhore. I was therefore surprised

that among the numerous learned Ghanaians the law professor chose no one else as

his chief adviser but a man who actually spent time and wrote a book against a

particular tribe. This has made me to think that the president approve of the

believes of Prof Awoonor. Believe that a particular tribe is evil.

Just to let you know, I am not an Asante but I simply hate tribalism no matter who

is at the receiving end of the attack. In Ghana I have lived in different regions

apart from Brong Ahafo where I come from and I can tell you boldly that one of he

most hospitable, loving, tolerating and friendly people are the Asantes.

The first time I heard of Prof Awoonor was when I read his poem tittled "The

Cathederal" in my literature lessons in secondary school. He was among the few

African poets whose poems made their ways into our school syllable. I love him and

feel proud of him as one of the greatest poets Ghana has produced. But president

Mills stand as a devote Christian and his choice of Prof Awoonor as the Chairman of

Counsel of State leaves a lot to be desired. Why? Because prof Awoonor in this

poem Cathederal, condemns the Christian Religion which was brought to us by the

whites and all its related culture. He infact in the poem refers to the Christian

Religion, which is symbolised as Cathederal in the poem as a foolish religion of

doom. He wrote and I quote "a senseless cathederal of doom". I am not against his

conviction that the foreign religion is senseless and brings doom, but why will a

Christian who wholy believes in his faith as the president Mills

claims employ an adviser who detest the fundamental thing you claim to believe in?

The faith with which you want to be identified? Do you think a true Christian will

do that. If I were the president I will rather take an arch bishop as my adviser

because our thinking will always rhyme not somebody who describes what I believe in

as senseless religion of doom.

The whole NDC machinery forced Ghanains to believe that he(pres Mills) is a humble

man. But we have ministers appointed by him who have consistently been insulting

people, using all kinds of descriptions on his(pres Mills) age mates and he happily

mentain them and tap them on their shoulders. Talk about the Ablakwahs, Fiifi

Kwetteys, Allottey Jacobs, Amma Benyiwa Does, Stan Dogbes etc. Arrogance and bad

words have filled their bellies and they spew them out at his(Pres Mills) opponents

every single day ranginging from opposition members to members of his own party. I

recently heard Stan Dogbe call Hon. Teye Nyaunu a left over. Anita Desuoso

virtually trampled upon a mob under her car. Allottey told former Pres Rawlings

that they made him who he is and can break him down if he doesnt shut up. President

Mills is not arrogant but his appointees are. Is that what they want us to believe?

Its never true. If he (Mills) does not like what they are

doing he will have changed them long ago. Do you remember what Kuffour did to

Elisabeth Ohene, then presidential secretary when she called Rawlings

"Dzimakpla"(untrained child)? Kuffour removed him from that post immediately,

distancing himself from such pronouncements. President Mills and his appointees

are like minded and have the same character, very arrogant. Go and watch the video

of their congress and see how he(Pres Mills) greeted Former Pres Rawlings.

When we talk about honesty it is completely missing. People he has chosen to put in

many areas have dealt very dishonestly with the state and although his attention has

been drawn to most of the cases he has failed to take appropeiate steps to show how

he detest dishonesty. Look at a honest President. Asking journalists when his

minister is accused of using state funds to sponsor his girlfriends to travel

abroad, lodge in big hotels and spend at will. He said and I quote; "is he the

first minister to travel with his girlfriend"? Shocking, not even his (the

minister's wife). And a honest christian president defends that kind of

action. Anyway who knows maybe the pres does it himself. Okudjeto Ablakwa lied to

the whole Ghana that their government has created 1.6million jobs which turns out to

be a complete falacy. Honest people show it even in the least circumstances. If

one cant be honest about little things how can he be honest about great

things, sayeth the word of God. School projects were been done by the education

ministry at highly inflated prices, as high as 350%. The president hear of all

these rot and still mentains those people as his ministers and even tell them they

are doing good jobs. His party secretary general and a member of a board

supervising the Bui Dam project is at the same time selling blocks to the

contracters at a higher price and the case is brought even to public notice. He is

still serving on that board and still selling the blocks. Will You call such a man

a honest man? If all this actions of his preferred choices are backed by him.

I heard Baba Jamal one day on peacefm saying, the president is incorruptible. I

laughed because he cant be serious. If in two years your ministers are building

mansions all over Ghana. Their names come out, the locations of the houses are

shown. Some are buying houses abroad. They mention names; Ama Benyiwah Doe, Asiedu

Nketia, Okudjeto Ablakwah and many others and you dont even caugh about it but

rather keep on praising them and urging them on. Would you want me to call you an

incorrutible man? Your Regional Minister and the Regional spokesperson fight openly

on radio over fishy cotract allocations and you still mentain such people in office

then you turn round and say I am incorruptible? Contracts for road construction are

inflated to an unimmaginable percentage and you want me to say your hands are clean

of corruption? You promised that all your ministers willl declare their assets and

for two and half years I dont know how many have done it,

virtually none of them. President Mills has totally been exposed by the kind of

appointments he has made and mentained since he was sworn into office.

They have shown he is not the father of all he told us nor is he the God fearing man

they said he is. He is not the devote christian they told us. The humility,

honesty and incorruptibility were just cosmetics and they have all been wiped away

because of the kind of people he has called his friends. The character of the

people he has preferred has shown his real self which is a direct opposite of what

made us vote for him. He run from those who tell him the truth and turn to those

who will dance his dance as Papa J said; "he said we should allow things running and

the money will flow". His best friends are the tribalistic, ungodly, arrogant,

dishonest and corrupt people. And this has shown who he is, he is just like his

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame