Opinions Sat, 4 Sep 2021

Ministry of Roads to fall historic mahogany trees to check flooding in Sandema

The reasons given by the minister responsible for roads and highways to fell the Sandema historic trees is not justifiable enough to warrant the cutting down of portions of the trees.

I am of the view that the trees are not the cause of the perennial flooding of the area. We all know in basic agric that, trees are measures of checking erosion and for the minister to suggest that, the trees are responsible for the flooding of Sandema is something that I can't wrap my head around.

The minister should rather blame the flooding on poor engineering work and houses built on waterways rather than looking for an excuse to achieve a long-time dream of clearing the beautiful trees of age.

Is the minister seeking to suggest that;

1) Flooding in many parts of the country is as a result of trees?

2) Flooding on the Kanjarga to Fumbisi road around the big bridge is as a result of trees?

3) Has the minister taking the necessary steps to identify other causes of the flooding around that place?

3) Can't the minister see the big stream around where the flooding occurs?

As a native of buluk I can confidently say, the trees are not the cause of the flooding of the road. If the trees were to be the cause, why is it not flooding at the other side of the road, from the market square going towards Wiaga?

The minister of Roads and Highways should come again because his reason do not hold water.

The trees are not and can not be the cause of flooding around one portion of the Chuchuliga - Sandema- Wiaga road. The flooding problem is there but not the trees.

My suggestions

1) The ministry and the contractor should consider creating channels for water passage.

2) The ministry and the contractor should consider building and expanding the big stream that causes the flooding.

3) The ministry and the contractor should consider relocating the houses and structures along the waterway.

4) The ministry and the contractor should find out why the other side of the road doesn't flood.

The trees should not be touched, the road can be constructed without cutting a single tree on the road.

We should rather encourage tree planting and not cut trees. The short time benefit of cutting the trees cannot offset the long-standing effects of such environmental vandalism.

Let me commend the chief of Wiesi for taking the initiative of replicating tree planting in his community.

Posterity will praise you for that great initiative.

I remain a citizen and not a spectator.
Columnist: Samson Samari