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Moesha Moesha

Moesha Buduong 328.jpeg Ghanaian actress, Moesha Bodoung

Fri, 16 Jul 2021 Source: Stacy Amewoyi

Remember Obrafour and Sarkodie’s Moesha song; sing the chorus with me; Moesha Moesha… aw what an awesome piece that is. And how beautiful and sweet her pictures were; those by the cars, Jacuzzis, Ghana flag and her outfits.. awesome!

The number of likes, shares and the bloggers who made fashion sense out of them, OMG so fabulous. Overwhelming number of followers, admirers, lovers, wannabes just to mention a few.

What love she has exhumed over the past years when she became a sensation to watch. People who couldn’t go a day or minutes without visiting her page, showering her with praise and appellations.

On the flip side, we can’t imagine how the pressure from being in the limelight may have affected her . Honestly being in the public eye makes people subject to so many things that you as a lay person have no idea of .

Then morning came, and Moesha suddenly became a different being; not dead, not pregnant, not achieved another academic height, not promoted to a higher rank of her status but rather has seen the light and professed “I HAVE REPENTED.”

I never knew those words are an abomination to the human ear if they were not possessed by demons, witches and wizards. BOOM!! Over a million followers and marine spirits from wherever they came from, want the world to allow them to tear Moesha apart.

Same people who gave her close to ten thousand likes and a trillion shares today are stabbing, spewing and dragging her in the mud. Shame on you, yes you. If you could love her a minute ago under her pictures and the next minute insult her for repenting then what’s your difference with her?

I understand that people may question how genuine her repentance may be but they are not God . Ours is to accept her new turn about and make room in our heads for her new identity . Oftentimes, we allow ourselves to paint a fixed image of people in our heads due to whatever we have seen or heard. Honestly that isn’t a mature way to view people, we should always prepare ourselves for change no matter how drastic it may be .

It only takes seconds for a change to take place in a person’s life and your change from love to hate for her is the same as her change from the world to light, hypocrites!

Would you have congratulated or celebrated her if she was pregnant? Gone to further her education or even died? I wonder how many people will come out if she'd died to say how good she was when alive ,her impact, bla bla bla. There is no fear of God in you, yes you!

You go to church , mosque, or whatever place of worship for the lost to be saved, to see the light you have received, and yet, when you have one, your greedy lifestyle is blinding you and refusing to allow her share in that same light you claim to have seen. Shame on you. Yes you!

You represent the masses of people who are quick to draw negative conclusions based on nothing but hate and improper assessments.

Because you are not in her shoes or playing a part of her past life, holier than thou, come, come and take her to hell, come! The skeletons in your cupboard, just make sure they don’t push open, because if they do, you may not have time to repent and your end may be helpless.

Ama Ghana, what children have you birthed? Those ready to hail problems yet have no solution and those who have the solution yet feel so proud to attend to the need until they come begging for it. they troll everything, the good and the bad, yet claim to be a Christian country; you are the devil’s incarnate, yes you.

I am not so naïve to deny the existence in us of bad thoughts leading to evil deeds along with goodness and love. I think we must be extremely careful not to judge her actions and reactions at this point.

She really needs help and emotional support . If you study human psychology, you would realize that her recent repentance goes beyond her life given to Christ. For this is no mere repentance, there is an invisible being in there controlling her life, speaking through her which cannot be termed as The Holy Spirit .

An individual could have a good or bad possession that is perpetuated by an alien spirit or other parahuman force, which controls or alters a person’s action or identity.

Possession is found more commonly in women and marginalized groups as a tool with which they can express their complaints in a context in which they can be heard.

Spirit possession is not only an explanatory theory of illness; it informs people’s understanding of themselves and in such domains as urgency, responsibility, identity, normality and morality.

No wonder some fake prophets and pastors take advantage of women and as such Moesha really needs help mentally ,spiritually , and emotionally.

The devil roars as a lion day and night seeking for whom to devour and he does that with so much urgency and uniqueness one cannot fathom. Take a closer look at the youth who want to enter into prostitution, or other vices.

When they are introduced to a group of bad hunches, they are quickly given a place of stay even if they are ten in a room, they will still find space to accommodate you and share their clothes with you, after which they train you to become one of them.

Hello Christendom! Where are my comrades at? This is not the time for blame games and we keep preaching and asking people to come to church that God and Christ love them bla bla la.

Listen, they will not come to church! people of the world are designed in such a way that until things like this happen, they won't search for your God.

And when they search, that is when we strike! Of what purpose is our calling if not for moments like these? Same way the world will accept others, we can do better. The love of God manifests itself better in situations like this and the quicker we move, the better for a life to be saved.

Pastors of great denominations who yield the gifts to this situation should kindly avail themselves, counsellors of all sorts should join in, inconsistent and confused followers, bloggers of doom and what not, this is the time to arrest, snatch and protect a soul from perishing.

To the wannabes and youth who believe life is just what they see, watch her videos. There are two things she said and I will repeat it here; one is, life is not just how we see it at all, there is a lot to it, and the other is, if we have God and we work, whatever we want to be, we can become.

A word to a wise, always has a different response, just be mindful of which you respond with.

Columnist: Stacy Amewoyi
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