Opinions Mon, 21 Aug 2017

Money impresses only lazy women

I do not know how many people can live without money in this world. The level of respect accorded you is dependent on the bucks you control in our part of the world. People are given countless titles and honorary degrees just because of their wealth. So never underestimate the clout of money because it can even make you lose your wife.

There are many men whose only way of wooing a woman is by showering the woman with money. Some operate with the help of money because they are tongue-tied and without their money, they are as empty as a sterile man who has endless bouts of sex with a barren woman with the aim of producing a baby.

Why would a man woo a particular woman with his money? The answer is as simple as ABC. Most ladies of today have become materialistic. They can smell money miles away. A lady will accept a proposal based on the car a suitor drives, clothes and perfumes he wears, his house and business empire he controls. It is not bad to have all these because in this life, who doesn't want to enjoy absolute comfort. I only have a problem when a woman's love for money clouds every decision she takes. I do not wholly blame them because from the onset, some are advised by their parents mostly mothers to grab the highest bidder to assuage the poverty the family is going through.

Another problem I have realised is that, these girls want all the luxuries of this world on a silver platter without sitting their asses down and working hard. Due to this, they are exploited by men who take advantage of their laziness and shower a few cedi notes on them and have their way. I always laugh my head off when girls claim they have been used and dumped by men. What were they thinking when the man was sponsoring them? To keep them as a trophy in their cabinet? They should know that a man knows a woman who can make a home. They demanding money every day for even sanitary pads tells the man you are only good to nourish his body.

I find it sexy when I see hardworking women break their backs to make a living. They are able to provide every need of theirs without relying on a man. Which man will dare use money to influence them? They will show you the exit. There are still some bad nuts who will still not be content with what they have and will fall for the coins thrown at them.

My ladies, what is your aim of going into a relationship or what do you also carry into a relationship? If sex is the only asset you have, then you better relegate that notion. The man will gracefully enjoy it but remember there are other girls who will do it better than you and when that happens, where do you think your position will be? If your aim is to enjoy his cash too, then you are digging your grave. What if he goes bankrupt or you realize he didn't acquire his wealth the noble way? Are you going to go back after professing your love for him in the eyes of God?

All ladies must understand that, they working hard won't fade their beauty. It rather makes them independent women who can withstand everything thrown at them without necessarily needing the support of a man. It doesn't also give you the license to misbehave towards the man in your life because you earn your own money. The needed respect must be given to your man to have a fruitful relationship. Always remember that money impresses only lazy girls. When a woman works hard, a man with money is a bonus not a ladder to upgrade. The choice is yours.
Columnist: Simon Aikins