More foreigners on Ghanaian streets begging for alms

STC How significant is their visit to our country

Thu, 10 Mar 2022 Source: Okoegyi Barnabas Kwadwo

What is the secret about this that the government of Ghana and immigration service is not telling us?

I'm not trying to be xenophobic here but the right thing must be done,

it is disheartening to see a country like Ghana which is wallowing in economic crisis opening borders indiscriminately to accept immigrants who are again liable on us.

Come to think of this, moving along pavements of some popular places in the various cities of our country you see a lot of sick persons who are scattered all over and begging for alms but the most unfortunate thing is that they are not Ghanaians. If they are Ghanaians, no problem after all we must collaborate and build each other as countrymen but these people are rather crossing our borders into the country from Niger.

They should have entered the country through legitimate means and not come begging for alms but rather open businesses in order to boost our economy through the taxes and employment opportunities for the youths in Ghana. If we don't curb these occurrences, we won't be safe from sicknesses amidst this pandemic era and we will continue to burden our economy.

My question is if the government and the immigration service didn't see when they were invading the country after entering too, can't we notice that there are Intruders here in Ghana?

Just look at these photos. How significant is their visit to our country?

Columnist: Okoegyi Barnabas Kwadwo