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More grease to your elbows, Manasseh

Dear Manasseh Azure Awuni,

Last year you consistently vilified, chastised, and criticized President Mahama’s government for being corrupt. I know you didn’t spare the man and his appointees at all. Some of us thought you hated President Mahama and his entire team. Some of us thought you were doing cheap journalism. Others also thought you were doing that to score political points for President Mahama’s opponents. Myself I didn’t spare you on your Facebook wall. I also gave it to you. I felt you were too harsh on the man.

One year down the lane, the Nana Addo Dankwa led government is indifferent. We are witnessing corruption, this time in suit with flying tie, wearing ‘kamboo’ as footwear. It is ugly this time round.

When they started their immoral acts as far as corruption is concerned, I heard and saw some folks calling on Manasseh especially when this USD 100K and Ghc 800K brouhaha were rising, saying ‘Where’s that Manasseh guy? Is he not in Ghana? Trust me, we have seen the constant condemnation from your outfit.

My letter you today is just to encourage and tell you that your consistency in curing the disease called corruption has won the admiration and trust of many, including myself Ekow. You’re indeed anti-corrupt. You hate the act of corruption. You’re not a hypocrite as I thought.

Following you on social media, I got to know that you are undertaking an assignment – ‘ROBBING THE ASSEMBLIES’. It is a step in the right direction. In my previous article on corruption, which was published by ghanaweb.com, I stated clearly that most of our institutions are corrupt. Corruption is ruining our country Ghana. Pastors, politicians, journalists, health workers, Civil servants etc. are all involved.

Corruption now is sour on body, and if not treated properly, it will begin to smell bad. Together, I have always believed that we can end corruption.

You are doing your best. I am doing my best. They are doing their best. But until we come together and change our ways and thoughts, Ghana will continue to suffer from corruption and other immoral acts.

God bless you for your good works. Let me hear from you as well. Good bye.

Yours sincerely,

Ekow Paintsil Djan

Columnist: Ekow Painstil Djan
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