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Sun, 23 May 2010 Source: Lambon, Justice Bukari

RE: The NPP property grabbing attitude causes NDC youth agitaion-Hon. Rahid Pelpou

I am writing to react to Rashid Pelpou, Deputy Majority Leader 's accusation that the NPP property grabbing attitude causes NDC youth agitation, and to descend heavily on him and his breed to take responsibilities of their own indolence.

Rashid's accusation was not only unfair, hypocritical, dishonorable and selfish but extremely irresponsible, immature, thoughtless, of a man of his rank. His statement was too desperate and dangerous enough to attract a condemnation from every Ghanaian. What we see in Ghana today are a youth who are so disappointed in their leaders after being promised the world. They then resort to waging their anger on the government after waiting patiently for a year and a half and not seeing any change in their lives. What happened in 2001 when NPP took over power is nothing compared to the activities of these irate youth. The youth now decide who their Minister is, who their DCEs are, who gets what contract, which offices/roads to seize, even public toilets and lorry stations are not exempted. This is a clear message the youth(both NDC and opposition) is sending to the wise. Unfortunately, Rashid and his breed don't get it.

But is it just a message? Lessons learned from our sister country, Nigeria, where the youth in the Niger Delta use terrorism to register their displeasure, and even demand ransom from the government and some oil companies there, began slowly and no different than what the youth in Ghana is doing today. Surprisingly, our law enforcement body did not only coil into their shelves as if the irate youth was doing the right thing, they even get approval of a whole president. Prof. Evans Atta Mills is so confused to a level he considers it as democratic process. Papa Mills, you are dead wrong! You are breeding terrorists in the country who will in a few years grow out of control and demand your head.

At a time Ghana is becoming an Oil Producing Nation, any form of civil disorders will be catastrophic. Ghana has enjoyed peace and tranquility even in times of difficulties to the admiration of the international community. This has only been possible because of our hard-work, patriotism and selflessness exhibited by every Ghanaian dead or alive. It is time for us to look up and not look down. What went wrong in the pass should only be a peace of guide for all and not a skirmish. Time to call a spade a spade. Time to extinct people like Rashid Pelpou and his cohorts. We are tired of his kind. Politics is not about lies and selfishness.

By Justice Bukari Lambon Minneapolis/USA

Columnist: Lambon, Justice Bukari