The Desperation Of The NDC

Tue, 24 Aug 2010 Source: Takyi-Mensah, Richard

The NDC is so desperate to retain power in 2012 that they are trying so hard to create the impression that they have achieved something since assuming office. Yet, anytime they try to come out with those phantom achievements, the analytical acumen and the vigilance of Ghanaians are brought on board to expose them.

We were in this country when Okudzeto Ablakwa announced that the NDC government had created one million, six hundred ghost jobs since assuming office forgetting that they would be exposed by their own violent foot soldiers in their demand for jobs from the government. The most humiliating aspect was when the Minister for Employment and Social Welfare could not substantiate this claim in parliament. It seems the NDC has not learnt from that and they are still engaging in this communist inferior tactics where the belief is that ‘say a lie, repeat it and it shall be accepted as the truth’. If they could use this propaganda tool to deceive some of us in 2008, then they should know that those people are now awake and they are no longer going to fall to these propaganda projects.

It is common these days to hear NDC Ministers, MPs, Special Aides and Propaganda Secretaries talk about 1000 classroom blocks built for schools operating under trees within the 18 months of the Atta Mills’ government. Though the Central Region NPP has reacted to this deceit, the propaganda continues unabated. What does the NDC government take Ghanaians for? Do they see us to be so gullible that they can churn out blatant lies at any point in time for us to accept as the truth? No, Ghanaians have gone past that era!

This piece is mainly meant to react to a statement made by the Special Aide to the Minister of Trade and Industry, Felix Ofosu Kwakye, on JOY FM’s News File programme on Saturday, August 21, 2010.Before I proceed, I would like to know the difference between a special aide and a special assistant that now even DCE’s have special aides under the government of austerity?

On that JOY FM programme,Ofosu Kwakye made a statement that the government had built 1000 classroom blocks for schools operating under trees since the assumption of office by this Do-Little government. Hon. Nana Akomea challenged that statement by Ofosu Kwakye and Hon. Nana Akomea made reference to paragraph 143 of the 2010 budget of this government where the government proposed to build 165 classroom blocks for schools operating under trees in the entire country for the year 2010 and therefore what Ofosu Kwakye was saying was a blatant lie. Ofosu Kwakye lied because if the target for the year 2010 is 165 and he is saying that they have built 1000 since assuming office then it means that in 2009 the government built more that 800 classroom blocks for schools operating under trees in the country. How could the government build more than 800 classroom blocks for schools operating under trees in 2009, the year in which the NDC government had just assumed office and it was in the same year that the construction sector registered a negative growth and build only 165 for the entire country in 2010?

When Nana Akomea exposed Ofosu Kwakye, Ofosu Kwakye shamelessly argued that that 165 figure in the 2010 budget was wrong and that the target for the year 2010 was 500. If that is the case, then I would like to pose the following questions:

1. When did the NDC government realize that that figure in the 2010 budget wrong? When did they effect the correction and informed parliament as well?

2. If the target for 2010 is 500, as Ofosu kwakye claims, then is he saying that by the third quarter of the year 2010 they have built all the 500 classroom blocks for schools operating under trees so that this 500 will add up to 500 built in 2009 to make 1000?

3. How could it be possible to build 500 classroom blocks for the year 2009 that this government had just assumed office and the construction sector registering negative growth in the same year?

4. Can Ofosu Kwakye tell the good people of the Central region where the 212 classroom blocks claimed by the Regional Minister to have been built in 2009 for schools operating under trees be located within the region?

5. How come that they built 500 classroom blocks for schools operating under trees in the entire country in 2009 and Central region alone got 212 out of that fictitious 500 and the other 9 regions sharing 288?

6. Are they telling us that the situation about schools operating under trees is worst in the Central region than what pertains in the three northern regions?

You see, anytime the NDC are caught in their panties lying, they turn to deny their own prior statements so that they can perpetuate the lies. I hope we all remember when they tried to come out with a New Kings James Version of their manifesto after wining power and realizing that they had made unrealistic promises to Ghanaians? It is in the same manner that they are denying their own figures in the 2010 budget. You see what propaganda has done to the NDC? As Ofosu Kwakye claims that the NDC government inherited about 4000 schools operating under trees, the Deputy Minister for Local Government, Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, also gives a different figure of 3000. Why different figures? Probably we may have to excuse them on the account that they lied their way into power and that they must continue to lie to stay in power. But fortunately, their cover is off and Ghanaians will no longer fall for this cheap bait. I would wish to place on record that these are frustrated, lack-luster, visionless leadership both at party and government levels who can foresee their outright rejection and consignment into the dustbin of irrelevance in the coming general election in 2012.

The NDC should not forget that the NPP is well structured to monitor them closely and expose their lies. The NPP has polling station executives in every community in the entire country who just voted to elect the flagbearer and they are monitoring the achievement of this government and no where can this government lie to us about projects.

NDC, you have been exposed and the good people of Ghana are patiently awaiting election 2012 to show you the exit.



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Columnist: Takyi-Mensah, Richard