Ghana-web Has Been Hijacked By Insane Minds!!!

Mon, 4 Jul 2011 Source: The Emperor

I hate to see a good thing go to waste. I truly do! But then, who doesn't? A good thing is meant for preservation! It gets better in time. At least, to me knowledge. Ghana-web isn't an exception! No, on the contrary. Ever since its inception, the website has been a home to many of us. Our very own cyber home, to be precise. Most of us log on to the site on a daily basis. For various reasons, of course! Some of us visit the site to stay updated on our country. Others log on to express their opinions. Indeed, Ghana-web has something for everybody. I am sure its diverse visitors have taken notice. The site could be very entertaining, especially for those in search of entertainment. It could be very enlightening for those in pursuit of knowledge. In short, Ghana-web is a cyber information playground for us souls in transit. It's Mr Akoto's vision, without a doubt. It's a gesture of love for those who can see it as such. Indeed, what a difference it has made in our lives. Truly, I can bear witness without hesitation!

Ghana-web isn't what it used be. So much have changed, not necessarily for the better! I remember when I first visited the site. It was the summer of 2006! A friend recommended the site to me. Otherwise, I wouldn't have bothered. I was a CNN junkie! I came to Ghana-web expecting the usual. I was surprised what I found. Not only was the site keeping its visitors updated, the visitors themselves were unique! They were tossing constructive ideas back and forth, like bullets in flight. They were posting comments on articles, which brought out the best in themselves. Nobody was trampled under foot! Nobody was insulted. Nobody was ridiculed or held in contempt. Indeed, their comments were a joy to read. I learned so much from reading them! These visitors, albeit faceless, made me proud to be a Ghanaian. They respected each other and themselves, for sure! That said, I have always been on the bright side. I was born with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. A good conservation is something I grave for! In that respect, Ghana-web and its visitors didn't prove disappointing.

I don't know where they came from. All of a sudden, the website was under siege. You couldn't log on to Ghana-web without finding them there. They were there in their numbers! The insane visitors with their insane minds! It's as if their visit was planned. But, by whom? For the past three years or so, Ghana-web has been deteriorating. I have been watching it go down the drain. The website, which used to be my favorite hang-out, has become a den for the mentally ill. Insane people have made the website their home! These mentally ill people don't spare anybody. No! They have turned insults into a trade. They log on to the site to propagate tribe supremacy and madness. Some of them ridicule the site’s visitors on their English, when their own is below par. Others attack visitors who contribute constructively. As a result, the brilliant commentators, who used to grace the site with their presence, have taken flight. Most of them seem to have flown, sadly!

Slow but surely, the remaining enlightened ones are packing up. I see them packing up one after the other! But then, why wouldn't they? What reason is there to stay? Ghana-web has been hijacked by insane people. People who are hell-bent on destroying the site with their negativity! People who don’t respect the man who created it. Insane people who don't even know that they are mentally ill! Ghana-web used by a site, where a visitor could post a comment without having his/her whereabouts revealed. The site respects the privacy of its visitors! It’s part of its policy. Its insane visitors, on the other hand, have made the website unsafe. Some of them are criminals! They trace a visitor’s IP-address without consent. Thus, violating the visitor’s privacy. So, be careful. This is my only advice. What’s the future prospect for Ghana-web? I dare not say! Perhaps, beauty would return after the ugliness has settled for dust. But, who knows? Remember, it’s not war, just the end of love!

Welcome 2 the New age of Consciousness!


Columnist: The Emperor