Mills, Woyome And NDC In Money Laundering Scandal

Mon, 26 Dec 2011 Source: Sarpong, Justice

My fellow Ghanaians, what Mills, Woyome and NDC did concerning the brouhaha going on is simply a case of money laundering. The so called investigation by EOCO ordered by Mills is just a front. This government has no intention to get to the bottom of this case because it is involved in it to its eyeballs. The government had seven months to get its evidence together and when the case was called on 12/22/12, the government asked for postponement again. As usual, the government is betting on Ghanaians to forget about this case. Is Mills telling us he did not know 35 million dollars had been given to Woyome? This teflon Mills as usual is taking a high ground in this scandal when he is deeply in the loop. What is the meaning of money laundering? Wikipedia defines money laundering as;

"Money laundering refers to the process of concealing the source of illegally obtained money. The methods by which money may be laundered are varied and can range in sophistication." First and foremost, your government, the NDC Mills administration which is worse than a banana republic doesn't even know how much it paid to Woyome. They have quoted, 41 million, 51 million and 58 million, NDC, 'which is which'?

In the case of NDC and Woyome conspiracy money laundering, what happened is that, Woyome was promised to undertake some projects in the name of NDC(sending fool soldiers to go and watch soccer match,building party headquarters) and in the process, concoct a court case where the government will not put up any defence and award him some money and he in turn will put some of the money back in NDC account. How else will the people at the A-G office(Barton Oduro) and at the castle(Alex Segbefia) defend this modern day robbery? Do you know why NDC cannot explain where it got the money to build its headquarters? Woyome paid to fly the stranded NDC fool soldiers to go and watch the world cup in South Africa in 2010 and this is reward. The speed with which this case was settled is even a record. The fraud called Woyome filed the suit in April 2010 and in May of the same year the thief had 58 million or $35 million in his account. Heads should roll in this case and if Mills failed to do his job as a President, the next administration should revisit this case and send the conspirators to prison.

Woyome is a fraud and should be arrested. The man has come out to say that he personally did not have a contract with the government. If he knew he did not have a contract with the government, why did he sue the government? It has come out that, when the government abrogated the contract with waterville/VAMED, eight million Ghana cedis, about six million dollars at that time was paid to waterville/VAMED for all work done by that company, so what is the basis of Woyome suit?

Why did the government fail to mount a defence against Woyome? Wouldn't it be prudent for the government to have first asked for the contract between Woyome and the government of Ghana? What kind of document did Barton Oduro see to say that the government did not have any defence? If he Woyome did any work for anybody using his so called "Financial Engineer" title, he did it as a sub-contractor to Waterville/VAMED and if ythat company did not pay him for his services, then he ought to have sued Waterville/VAMED and not the government.

There is empirical evidence to show that contrary to a court order that the state should pay NDC stalwart and businessman, Alfred Woyome an amount of GHC17 million, the Attorney-General rather instructed the state to pay Mr Woyome, GHC42 million. Court documents produced on Friday by Randy Abbey, host of Metro TV’s “Good Morning Ghana” programme, indicate that the A-G might have disregarded the court order.

Ghanaians are being 'raped' by the so called social democrats in NDC who have aquired a taste for everything capitalistic and they are doing it without any respect for Ghanaians because they believe the citizens are stupid. My fellow countrymen, there is a connection between this bribe and the NDC 20 million dollars Party headquarters at Adabraka. Yes, it is a bribe and not a real court judgement to Woyome who is the money man for NDC. He is holding this money in trust for the socialist NDC Party.

When the NDC Headquarters building story came out, it was alleged the NDC wanted Woyome to claim the building as his own which he is donating to NDC but coming in the heels of the huge court judgement or bribe given to him, they decided it was not wise to do it and that is why NDC cannot come out and tell Ghanaians where it got the money to build this monstrous edifice. We should continue to bombard NDC to come out and tell Ghanaians where it got the money to build this montrosity

According to Randy Abbey, host of Metro TV’s “Good Morning Ghana” programme,The NDC guru who reportedly contributed extremely generously at a recent fund-raising ceremony for the party and also funded some officials of the NDC to witness the 2010 World Cup in South Africa claims he won the huge amount squarely, because the Kufuor administration ditched him after winning the contract to execute a job in connection with the renovation of the two leading stadia in the country, and the construction of an additional two. "Mr Woyome, a businessman, financial engineer and a former Deputy Consul of Austria, brought a case against the state on April 19, 2011, claiming he was wrongfully denied a contract to build stadia for the Ghana 2008 tournament and in lieu of that claimed GHC51,283,480.59 in damages."

Why did Woyome wait till April 2010, almost one and half years after NDC came to power to file this case against the state? I can understand why the guy did not file a case in 2006 when the contract was yanked from waterville/VAMED because he might not have felt he has any chance of winning a judgement in NPP regime but why did he wait one and half years after NDC came to power to file this case? This is where the conniving between the NDC and Woyome comes into play.

"But reports indicate that the judgment was given in default of a defence by the Attorney General’s Department. Some critics, have therefore, accused officials of the AG’s Department of deliberately refusing to defend the state to enable Mr. Woyome secured a default judgement of GHC51,283,480.59."

One has to wonder why the state failed to defend against this claim and awarded Woyome more than 35 million dollars in default judgement because your NDC Attorney General was in the loop to give this bribe finely clothed in court judgement to this crook called Woyome who in turn will use part of this money to finance the NDC 2012 election. Did anybody read what the stupid Ofosu Kwakye, the so called Oil Expert doing "LALA SULALA" at the castle said about the 20 million dollars Party headquarters? He said NDC raised that amount during its fund raising activities and who was mentioned as contributing generously at that fund raising? Your guess is as good as mine, the fraudster Woyome.

"The A-G subsequently filed a stay of execution to “enable them defend the claim on the merits of the case.” Wasn't the A-G served summons as a defendant in Woyome versus the state of Ghana? Why did it abdicate its responsibility to defend Ghan the first time and wait till a Judgement has been issued to file for stay of execution? Folks, NDC Attorney General and its Finance Ministry is playing a typical Good Cop Bad Cop game on Ghanaians thinking they in NDC are smarter than everybody else. Why will you pay somebody a judgement amount if you intend to file an Appeal? Anyway, how do you file an appeal in a case you first decided not to defend? Do you realise the kind of stupid lawyers and con game NDC is playing on Ghanaians? This is why these fools continue to lose court cases and turn around and blame it on 'NPP' so called Judges. We have NDC lawyers who seem to have bought their law certificates on mushroom universities on line.

"The judge, Justice I. O. Tanko Amadu, granted the stay of execution albeit in part and conditionally. He said since the Defendants filed their writ and the stay of execution after due date for the payment of the first installment of GHC17 million to Mr Woyome, the A-G should pay that money with the interest accrued subject to the Plaintiff also filing an undertaking to return the money in full should the A-G succeed in his defence and should the Plaintiff lose his case."

The defendant, that is the state of Ghana intentionally failed to file stay of execution on time so that Woyome could collect the first instalment of 17 million Ghana cedis, but an official from the Finace Ministry decided to pay the whole 41 million Ghana cedis to Woyome against the court decision.

This case smells so bad even Kwesi Pratt who has never seen any NDC corruption in his life is calling for the government to investigate why the government decided not to contest this case in court when it was filed. Anyway, why will the government even approve any payment in a case it is appealing? How can the Judge instruct Woyome to sign a conditional form to return the money paid to him in case the government wins its appeal? HUH? Where in the world do they pay a civil judgement when the case is still in appeal? This stealing called judgement smell so bad I can even smell it all the way to my humble abode in Katy, Houston.

Does Woyome even have a case against the people of Ghana? Do we owe him a contract? I can understand him recovering some amount if he did any work on such contract but he did not even dig a pit anywhere for him to be awarded a dime, but the thieves in NDC in their own wisdom decided to give Woyome a bonanza and this is even better than winning an American powerball lottery that starts at 20 million dollars. What a handsome 'armed robbery' by Woyome and his underlings at NDC.

If Ghanaians think this is bad, wait till they make a mistake and vote for these armed robbers turned politicians in NDC in 2012 and it will be so bad Ghanaians will flock Somalia and Bangladesh Embassies seeking visas to check out of our beloved Ghana. NDC has raped mother Ghana enough we should not allow mother Ghana to born bastard Children from this rape. We should rescue "MAAME" Ghana from the NDC 'rapists'.


Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas

N/B Hope by the end of December next year, Ghanaians would have voted Mills and his Ali Baba thieves out of the slave castle and Nna Akuffo Addo would be settling in at the Jubilee house, not flagstaff house.

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice